General - The meager beginnings of this site, the very heart of the mayonessa. Note: Does not cost anything.

Cats - Since I have no children, I have to show off my cats instead.

Art - Hardly the next Van Gogh, but I like to draw, anyway. So I say "NYAH."

Writings - Dreams and poetry, substantial and unsubstantial, all from the same brain.

Photos - I love taking pictures, and I love making webpages, so this was au natural. Can we say, narcissistic?

Page.Log - Recent updates and other inane fodder. I know the cursor should be at the bottom.

mayoCam - mayonessa + Webcam = mayoCam. No boobies... but lots of drool. Rarely updated due to fear of pushing bandwidth limits.

Random Crap - Miscellaneous wank material, including other webpages I've done, Nude pix of Janet Reno, and a Sims sob story. More random crap to be added when I find more random crap to add.