There are a lot of pix here, and I hope you have time to go thru all of them. If not it's understandable... I had taken so many pictures of her. Most of these were in her prime, when she was about 10 or so. They're not in chronological order, or any kind of order, really. Altho some of them seem rather repetious, there are a few in there that are complete gems... I hope you enjoy them.

A stare that let you know who was boss

My favourite pic of her, ever... showing her sweet side but also showing her laid back side. I did a reproduction of this in art class cos I love it so much.

Me 'n' Princess, circa Christmas 1991. She never really liked to be held, as she displays in this picture!

Shows how bulky she used to be, huh? With all that padding in there, she looks like a linebacker. She wasn't really as big as she looks - she was a moderately sized cat. The long, thick fur she had always made her look twice as big as she really was!

The girl giving one of her infamous "What are you looking at?!" stares

Another one of those looks, but she looks funky here... she wasn't ready for me to take the pic!

Kneading the bed - her favourite place to lay, with the exception of my legs while I was asleep or my hair so I couldn't turn my head over.

Sometimes my incessant picture taking annoyed her, as illustrated here...

Princess "lovin" on a friend of mine. She really hated all my friends, this was a rare event in the house!

I never realised it but this is another one of my favourite pictures of her. Look at that seductive kitty face, that paw reaching out to tease you... Such a graceful little dear! sigh What a gal, she even made me swoon!

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Purr Snickety