Princess was my oldest cat, and my best companion for 17 years of my life. She passed away in December of 1999. I simply had to include her - where would I be without her?!

Name and explanation: Princess Donna. She came with the name "Princess", and I liked the name "Donna" since I had an aunt with that name, so I tacked it to the end. Later in her life, we just went back to "Princess".

Nicknames: Princess, Kitty Kitty, Princapessa, Precious Princapessa, Priiiiiiiincesssssss, here kitty kitty kitty! (when I called her), Bloomer butt (cos she looked like she was wearing them, with the way the fur on her butt stuck out), Silly Gril (insted of Girl).

Birthdate: Tho I'm pretty sure it's not her exact b-day, we celebrated on May 1st.

Origin: A farm in California. Our former cats, Putter and Pansy, had died and run away, respectively. So dad found an ad in the paper, and the next weekend we went out there to see what we could find. I fell in love with the Princess immediately, her colours struck me as beautiful.

Breed/Colours: Princess was a calico, which means she had spots of brown, black and white all over her, with a white chest. She also had multi-coloured eyes - one was green and the other was gold. Sometimes it was hard to tell, but when they were distict,it was obvious.

Outstanding traits: Princess was a very laid back, quiet cat... she enjoyed observing and watching. She didn't like people very much, and she was insanely jealous of my friends when they would stay the night - I was HER person and HER person alone. She was bitchy if you didn't know her, but if she let you love her, it became apparant how compassionate and loving this girl was. When I was sick, she'd lay by me and get defensive if anyone touched me, when I was down, she'd come put her butt in my face to cheer me up. Princess was 100% classy cat!

She liked to talk, too. If you asked her a question, she would usually respond with a sure "meow". If you said her name, she'd turn around and meow at you, like she was saying "Yes?" She was vocal about everything... I even have a .wav file of me interviewing her when I first got my mic.

Gotta love 'em: Sometimes, before I fell asleep, she'd get up on the bed and lay down in a spot so I couldn't move. There were times she'd lay on my legs - right on the knees - so I couldn't turn over to lay on my back. The time that sticks out the most in my mind was when she layed on my hair so I couldn't turn my head over at all... Being the spoiled one that she was, I let her get away with it. A cramp in my neck was the small price I paid, but it meant the world to me if my kitty cat was happy. =(^..^)=

Pictures of Princess

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