Along the way down the path of my life, there have been a few other cats who I've had the privelage of sharing a life with (or just knowing of), but not really getting to know before we parted our ways. This page is for those cats.

Here we have Putter, Panzy, and Kanch. Kanch was my dad's cat, a Siamese, who he had to give to one of my mom's brothers when he and my mother moved to Florida. I never met Kanch, but I heard plenty of stories about him, and my dad was very proud of him. He died in the late 80's (1988 i believe), and lived to be 20.

Putter and Panzy were my first kitties (one of the picture backs says "Stacy's first kitty - Panzy"). They were around before I was even born, and happily accepted me into their family when I arrived. Unfortunately, they didn't stick around for long - when I came along, my parents put them outside part time in case I was allergic to them... and Panzy ran away to live across the street, while Putter got killed by a gang of angry wasps for sleeping on their wood pile. I still remember Putter's death in great detail, but I prefer to remember the fact that he liked to steal money from my dad and how freakin' HUGE he was. Anyway, these are my first kitties. :)

Kanch, the big silly, laying on a lovely puke orange couch. Circa 1977, what do you expect? :)

Panzy looks almost exactly like Brain, but she had finer fur and was a lot more laid back. She was also a lot bigger.

A staple of cats - playing around in the paper as you're tearing open Christmas gifts. Panzy's no exception.

Sittin' in the wooden entryway of the house in California

"Where's the food? There's gotta be food around here somewhere..."

This picture is almost creepy... One of those ominous cat looks that makes you start talking to them... Asking them "WHAT?!?" over and over...

"Don't you realise your thumb is in the way of the shot? I guess you can't be perfect... you're human."

Putter, the big orange tabby, just puttering around.

The big boy, being a big ham and at the same time having the charm to be petted by one of the girls in his harem...

It looks like he's going for a mouse or a bug or something.

{ 2 }

Purr Snickety