Etcetera is my new saviour kitty. She was my consolation when Princess died, and she's grown into an outstanding queen. Of course, she could never replace the Princess, but I don't want her to - her personality is completely unique and independant of any cat I've ever known. She's manic, but she's also very sweet and patient.

Name and explanation: Etcetera. If you're a Cats fan, then you automatically know I got it from one of the kittens in the musical. In case you're wondering, she's the one that screams at the end of Rum Tum Tugger. I thought the name fit her perfectly because of her spotting... she just looks like an Etcetera. :)

Nicknames: 'Cetera, Football, Fancy Pants (in correlation to Princess' "Bloomer Butt"), 'Cetty (Lexx gave her that one), Choco-cat.

Birthdate: September 27, 1999

Origin: Pets Unlimited in Crossroads Mall. It's interesting, cos just a week before, Sam and I had been there to look at the kittens, and I saw her in the cage. She looked so very sweet and cute that I fell in love with her. A week later, when Princess was dying, I requested a long haired tortoise shell kitten as a new cat. I had her in mind when I mentioned it to my parents, and lo and behold, they came home with the kitten I'd seen in the cage!

Breed/Colours: Etcetera's a tortious shell, also known as a tortie. They're along the same line as calico cats, but they have little to no white in them. 'Cetera has various shades of browns and black, and she has some beautiful red on her tail and creme spots on her back paws and face. (The spot on her back paw is so cute, it looks like she has a "hole in her sock".) She also looks like she got carried away wth the red eyeliner - it extends from her top lid all the way out to the side of her face!

Outstanding traits: Sweet on the outside, but sometimes she can be a little demon! She loves to do things she's not supposed to. She bit a couple holes in the wall, always pulls down tacks (I've found at least 10 tacks on the floor and a couple in my bed), and every morning when I wake up I see my drivers license on the floor because she had the audacity to knock it off my dresser. She loves feet, too. First thing when I take my shoes off, she comes over and licks my feet (which I find disgusting, but if that's what floats her boat...). This cat has no fear!

Etcetera hardly ever meows. Every once in awhile, when she's hyper, she'll "mewl" (which sounds like "mrrrrrw"... more a sound than a real meow). She only meows when she's frusterated, like she can't catch a moth or if someone steps on her tail. O, and she likes to give kisses... either that or she's licking you to disinfect your skin before she bites it.

Since Etcetera's grown up, she's turned more into a laid back cat. She just kind of sits back and watches the world, and I could swear she's human - her reactions are ALWAYS appropriate for the situation. It's almost scary, she seems more people than feline.

Gotta love 'em: On that note, one time my dad bent over to pick her up and stepped on her tail. He didn't realise he had, but he couldn't get her more than a few feet off the ground. After about 20 seconds, she let out a frusterated "meow?", and my dad finally noticed he was standing on her!

Etcetera knows how to take the phone off the hook. I have a Garfield phone, and the receiver is in his back... It also has a very shrill ring that's annoying. One morning while I was still asleep, the phone rang and woke me up. After it was finished, i hear a "click" and the dial tone. I turned around to find Etcetera sitting there, holding the phone up off Garfield's back with her paw! She pushed it completely off so it couldn't ring again. I was amazed. >^..^<

Pictures of Etcetera

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