Chianna is the newest addition in my cat life. Being around her was rough at first because of how scared she was of humans, but with time she's grown to be our little sweetie kitty. She's technically Sam's cat, but I picked her out, so I consider her "half" mine. This beautiful calico has quietly made our lives much happier and gratifying than ever.

Name and explanation: Since I picked her out, I made a deal with Sam that he would get to name her. I wanted to name her Miscellaneous (it would be cute with Etcetera - come on!) or Demeter cos of her paranoia, but he wouldn't have it (he's no fun). After choosing lots of names I really didn't like, he chose "Chianna". It's the name of a nymph off his favourite show, "Farscape".

Nicknames: Chi-Bear, Chi, Peeanna.

Birthdate: 3/13/2000.

Origin: We got her from a mall pet store in OKC, but we think she was elsewhere before she got there. Her condition at the pet store was horrific - she was crawling with fleas, even after they dipped her, and she was teeny tiny for 4 months old. Whoever had her before had most likely abused her - she came to us completely terrified of humans, especially Sam. The only reason I saw her was cos she was begging mercilessly to be let out of her cage.

Breed/Colours: Chianna is a darling little calico. Her markings look random, but if you look at her face, you notice her face is symmetrical, except the left side is black and the right side is brown. The brown on her coat is splotched with white, and it's been observed that her tail looks "plugged in" to her body.

Outstanding traits: Like I said, her extreme paranoia is it. Whatever happened to her before must've torn her apart, because the first day or two she would always hide from us. She got anywhere her tiny body could squeeze into, which was a lot of places. Our house had to be kittenproofed, and even then, she was able to find a place where she was out of sight.

Gotta love 'em: As I mentioned about kittenproofing things... the first night she was here she managed to get up under the bed in the couch and in a hidden spot in the recliner. After we thought everything was blocked off to her, she made a getaway into our room to hide under the bed. While she was in there she found a hole in the bottom mattress barely big enough for her tiny body to squeeze into, but could not get out of - not like she wanted to! It took two hours to get her out, and we ended up having to take all the staples out of it with a screwdriver and then shaking her out. The bed's holes and any potential ways of getting in were duct taped shut after that.

Chianna also doesn't quite know litterbox etiquette. She'll go #2 in it fine, but she'll pee anytime, anywhere. At first I thought it was my fault, but I came to notice that she'd just do it randomly. It's maddening to walk into a room and find a nice yellow puddle sitting atop the carpet. But, she's still young, and here's to being able to train her properly - it's hard when she's obviously been yelled at so much that she's frightened of us. Whatever happened to you before, Chianna, just know that we'll always love you - even if you DO pee in our sink... ^o.o^

Pictures of Chianna

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