Brain was our second cat, and tho her and Princess didn't come from the same litter and looked absolutely nothing alike, we dubbed her and Princess sisters. For a long while I didn't like her, but after Princess died she mellowed a lot, and when I saw her laying on Princess' death bed months after her passing, I found a huge soft spot in my heart for Brain. She was a beautiful cat, and I'm so lucky to have found that inside her.

Unfortunately, Brain passed away on January 25th, 2003 due to old age. My mom had her put to sleep.

Name and explanation: My mom named her Brain, after Inspector Gadget's dog. (I wanted to name her Miss Priss, but since my mom bought her and it ultimately became her cat, Brain sufficed.:) Lots of people think it comes from "Pinky and the Brain," but Brain came along long before that show was on the air.

Nicknames: Brainey Baby, Scaredy Cat.

Birthdate: Again, we're not exactly sure, but somehow her birthday became December 1st. We estimated that she was 15 years old when she died.

Origin: The pet store at a mall in Dallas. I'm not quite sure on that tho, since Mum was the one that got her and brought her home.

Breed/Colours: She's all black, but we think she has to be part Siamese. She has the kink in her tail and very distinct features, and you can always see her back claws. I love to look at her because her body is so defined and angular. Her fur is very coarse as well. She's also smaller than normal for a cat - both Princess and Etcetera are bigger than she is. Her eyes used to be green, but they started changing about 5 years ago, so now they look speckled green/brown/yellow.

Outstanding traits: Brain is neurotic and paranoid... I think of her as our little Demeter. She doesn't like my dad much (she only started letting him come near her after Princess died), and she's very attached to Mum. When you get near to her, she'll let out a shrill meow, like you're killing her. Part of this stems from when we first brought her home - Princess had a fit and tormented Brain for most of her kittenhood. So, tho Brain is aloof, she can also hold her own, and has been known to bob Etcetera on the head and knock her over. We think she has allergies, due to her runny nose and watering eyes during parts of the season.

Gotta love 'em: One night when my dad came home from work, he walked in on Brain while she was in the litter box. He couldn't help it - the box is in the utility room, which is the only entrance from the garage. When he came walking in, he scared her so bad that she jumped out of the box in the middle of taking a crap, and ended up leaving a trial of poop down the hall into my parents' bedroom. At the time it wasn't very funny. :)

On that same note, whenever she has to have a hairball, she makes sure it's in a spot Dad will step in it - either on his side of the bed or right in front of the couch where he sits. She knows what she's doing! ^-.-^

Pictures of Brain

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Purr Snickety