These are just the little dreams and/or dreams that I remembered but never quite elaborated on. Some of them are good, they just have nowhere to go. Shh, don't call them misfits, they don't like that.


o! i remember the dream now. a and i went out for a night wearing our makeup, but we were goign somewhere special at the end of the night, but by then our makeup had faded (!!!) off. we weren't sure if we were going to have time to reapply it. it was cool tho. :)


i kept meaning to write about this, but i kept forgetting it and mixing it up with a dream i'd had the night before (about me going with a friend from high school to some kind of camp in an abandoned carnival/hotel, and we split up into teams, and the catch was everyone else was gay... so we were gay teams... anyway...).


i had a dream that i brushed my teeth in bed. then i woke up and my teeth felt nasty. i still haven't brushed them, so i should probably go do that now, and then consider getting ready to go out and get a sketchbook.


more weird dreams from the land of mayonessa... last night i kept dreaming that i was at university, and my ex boyfriend tim was my roommate. we hung out together a lot, and he was lots of fun.


last night i had a dream about martha stewart. i don't remember why or what it was about and i probably don't want to know. and before anyone asks, NO, there were nothing kinky involved.


i'm making a wallpaper for my comp at work. it's a composite of me and 'lexx in our respective cossies and i'm going to draw a background of the winter garden. i had a weird dream that i was looting extra props that didn't make it to the winter garden set a few nights ago... elaboration coming later.


i had a dream about josie and the pussycats last night, and i was melody, but sometimes i was josie. it was really strange. i need to work more on my josie drawing, too. but, anyway!


i don't know if i wrote about it in here, but a few months ago i had a dream. two dreams actually, both seperate but they were in the same night and about the same thing. the first one, i was in chicago on the runway on a plane sitting next to my aunt ellen. as we were waiting to taxi, i saw a plane come down from the sky and slam into downtown chicago. intentionally. into buildings and the street and it went up in flames. so seeing the video of the world trade center thing brought back that dream extremely vividly. the second dream was of me on a plane, and for some reason we had to land in a mall parking lot. not as bad as the first, but it's still odd.


on friday night i scoured the past few days of for theories and speculations (and thursday night i had a dream that i'd been in survivor, but i was mad because editing never showed me until the episode i got kicked off - like the 6th or 7th. and ethan was very very nice to me).


i was in the middle of this dream where lexx and i were playing "sims" on a board game, but our sims were just like regular sims, except... yeah, on a board. we were playing in a darkly lit bar type thing that was all wooden on the inside, so all the light that was cast made stuff appear yellow. the majority of the game board was water, so our sims were swimming along this weird route, and then...


there was another dream about princess last night. i dreamt she was curled up in my side, sleeping. she felt real, and looked real. i love her and miss her still.


i had a dream that i saw the cast of cats, but before the show i started colouring all over the walls of the theatre in purple crayon, and this guy named peyton who was one of the stage managers took me backstage and made me sit at a table and think about what i did, and he told me that bryce and blonn were really mad at me and embarrassed that i was a fan ;)


i forgot to mention the dream i had last night. i dreampt that my computer kept overheating, and i wasn't sure what the problem was... and then one day i tried to boot up, but it wouldn't let me past this dos-esque screen... it told me my fan wasn't working right, but it had it in l33t sp33k, so the error message came out like this: "error 1 - Ph4n!1" there was more, where i bought a new fan, and i think a car at an abandoned playground/discreet street deal was involved, but i can't remember it now. erk.

8/31/02 night i had a dream that lexx and i were hanging out together in mexico. we were outside of this barnyard thing (with bulls and mexicans running around us;) and we went inside in the shade... we sat on a bale of hay against the inside wall and hugged and talked. i don't remember what we said, tho.


last night i dreamt that someone had beheaded tori amos in a department store at a mall, and i saw her head laying underneath some clothes racks, and i knew it was her because of the red hair... and i saw another beheading in the same place, but i don't remember who it was now.


last night i had a dream that i was 9 months pregnant but my stomach hadn't expanded at all, and then there was some kind of weird cat bonding thing (not literally, like with superglue or anything) where people were dressing up like their cats... there was this giant calico who lived at a gas station rest stop, she was probably 3 feet tall sitting down, and there were monitors up at the gas station... and there was this fat guy with a moustache who was on one of the tvs, he was dressed up like this calico to make it feel wanted... he was rolling around on his bed in this unitard. it was disturbing. but i got to pet the big calico :)


last night i really didn't have any good dreams... all i remmber is a snippet from one where a guy i work with named dave asked me if he could come to lunch or dinner with me or something. i told him yes, and he asked if it was going to cost sam and i more than $865 for it. i said no, $865 was our limit. it was all very vague. something about coffee may have been involved, too.


i had a couple of weird dreams that seemed to melt into one... one of them had to do with me being really horny so i was masturbating to a picture of julia roberts and her two fathers (they were all fully clothed, it was a photo of them getting off an airplane somewhere;)


had some very strange dreams. the only one i can remember off the top of my head was one where i was at a book fair in europe, and someone asked if i spoke french. i told the woman "a little" so she recruited me to translate some books for the french speakers because they couldn't read english. my translations were absolutely horrid and i couldn't remember most words. it ended up with me saying things like, "ce livre, il est... err... about... un homme et... uh... a tree?" there was also a dream about my powerbook not being able to take floppy disks that glow.


philip's mom was black, we talked about american government and politics while she reminded philip of a family reuinion. his dad had adopted a chinese boy who sat on his lap all day and babbled nonsense about his days in school. the child was only 3 and spoke in half chinese have english. the whole house was a grey brick castle/dungeon. at one point his sister, him and i went to the cellar and on the way some of his family re-enactd a lord of the rings scene. when i woke up my mouth had a taste in its mouth like i'd been eating a fruit cocktail.

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