I started chronicling my dreams when I was 12. The chronicling began in this black spiral notebook with an elaborate "Dream Log" thing painted on the front in red and green paint pen. Unfortunately, due to the length of some of my dreams and the fact that at that point they were handwritten, my Dream Log failed not once, but twice. However, I managed to jot down some 30 odd dreams, along with writing down little bits of stuff I remembered at the ass end of the notebook in case I felt compelled to write the details out in the future.

Then, in 2000, I started an online diary. Among the contents were some of the more fucked up dreams that tainted my mind for a few days, just long enough for me to write them down. Curious as to a dream pattern, I did a search on the word "dream" and pulled up quite a few long winded, fascinating things from my mind bowels, and thought, "Hey, that might make good website content!"

And hey, it does.

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