Two Thousand

    June 14th - Jarod and the plane
    July 4th - Dinosaur baby
    August 5th - PVC shopping; pregnancy
    December 14th - The new "Cats"

Two Thousand and One

    January 9th - Princess
    February 17th - "Cats", the forest production
    February 20th - Princess returns
    Februrary 25th - Celebrity school; being Demeter
    March 17th - "Cats" in a restaurant
    March 21st I - Odd wedding guests
    March 21st II - At war with Germany
    March 21st III - University; Sobe stickers; lesbians at a concert
    April 13th - Michael and I at Wal-Mart
    April 14th - Hanging out; "Cats", the mall production
    April 19th - Misty; dead doll
    May 18th - Missing "Cats"
    May 27th - Lesbianism
    May 28th - The Coricopat problem; more lesbianism
    June 5th - Tearing up the Winter Garden
    June 13th - Crowding Vancover
    June 29th - Lexx and I eating
    July 3rd - Kyle's dad
    July 19th - Weird Al tickets
    September 7th - Cutting up my legs
    October 1st - Lexx and I in NYC
    November 8th - Fleeting thoughts

Two Thousand and Two

    January 15th - Crashing planes; lost in a canal city
    March 21st - Cooking with Lexx
    April 19th - Australian compound
    July 11th - Ghost of Philip; Three men and a cat
    September 19th I - Marmalade Taco Bell sauce
    September 19th II - Hanging out at Finn's
    November 20th - New "Cats", Tour V

Two Thousand and Three

    January 25th I - Escape from OKC
    January 25th II - Rescuing fallen kitties
    April 2nd - Snobby Woman
    April 3rd - Dragon Kitty
    April 15th - Thanksgiving with Topher Grace
    May 31st - Trailer House; Taking Down a Theatre
    June 6th - Getting Around Chicago
    June 7th - Philip's Place
    June 17th - The Osbornes
    June 18th - Random Things
    June 19th - Lexx and I at Langara
    June 21st I - New House
    June 21st II - Divorce or Wedding?
    June 22nd - New Math
    June 23rd I - Philip on Ice
    June 23rd II - Bad Michael
    June 24th - Autographs
    June 25th - Creepy Elijah Wood
    July 28th I - Plane Crash
    July 28th II - Hidden Stash
    July 28th III - Costuming Problems
    July 29th - Blackout
    August 15th I - Netmeeting
    August 15th II - Computer Class
    August 15th III - Care Bear Birthday
    September 7th - Wedding Party
    November 18th - Head Floss
    December 17th - Three Etceteras

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