mayoCam2 was my 2nd generation of cam. It was handed down, like original mayoCam, from Sam. The picture quality was significantly better, so I decided to stick with it. Of all my cams, this one was obviously used the most, and provided many hours of self-depricating humour and idling time in IRC. I kind of miss it. Wait, no I don't. It served me well, from January 2001 all the way thru to March 2002. In the tradition of handing down cams to my camless and unenlightened friends, mayoCam2 went to Dani for her birthday. The tradition of using it til it just can't poop out an image anymore is being upheld nicely by her.

Not all of these pictures were archived by me - some were sent from friends and viewers I didn't even know. If you have any amusing or embarrasing mayoCam shots you want me to put up here, please send them to me.

Brosse mes dents. Holy big ass text. I hang my head in shame at the n00bness of my cam back then.

I look way too happy to be brushing. That look on my face is one of a neglected dog getting scratched behind the ears.

The question here is... pooping, or singing? You'll never know.

Hypnotism is a common trait among wig heads. Don't believe me? Go buy a wig head and look deep into its eyes... deeeeeeeeep...

Who does Alf love, really? Does he love you?

Rug yarn is a quick and effective camoflague technique in any situation. It's what the army uses.

Boredom at its finest. Too much caffeine begats this - extreme hair braiding...

And more braiding...

Even MORE braiding...

...To yield completely corny white girl dreads. Yo, in da hizzouse. I can't believe I just said that.

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