Welcome goat lovers and the ones that love them!

My friend Michael, y'see, gave me this stuffed goat for a wedding present. Stuffed goats are a rare anomaly. Seriously, if you ever go into a toy store or a store with lots of stuffed animals, try looking for a goat. There are stuffed armadillos, stuffed duck billed platypuses, stuffed crocodiles... anything but stuffed goats. If you find a goat, tho, let me know. Anyway, I was just showing off my own stuffed goat. He was being a tad onery...

Goat - It's what's for dinner!

I bet you didn't know goats are excellent at hypnosis.

Mr. Goat waves to the friendly mayoCam audience (all saying "WTF is she doing?")

Oh no! Help! It has me under its spell!

Silently perching, waiting for its kill...

Goats need lovin', too.

Could you imagine the feeling if it pooped on your shoulder?

I told you, those buggers are sneaky!

Oh, you silly thing!

Make up your own caption for this pic, I'm already running out.

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