Want to link to mayonessa.com? (Sure, who doesn't?!) Want to use a nifty graphic instead of that ASCII stuff? Then you've come to the right place.

Right now, there's only one banner. If you'd like to use it, save the image to your hard disk and upload it to your OWN space (bandwidth rape == email to abuse@whateverthehellyourdomain.net is, and hopefully removal from the internet gene pool). Just copy and paste the code below the image into an html document, and BLAMMO, you're linked. You're hooked up. You're in the know. Or something.

Eventually I'll make more banners, but if YOU want to express your undying lust for mayonessa.com, feel free to make some yourself. I'll put them on this page, as long as they're not *too* lewd.

This image was made by my sexy friend Rene. Thank you a thousand times over, dear.