I like taking pictures. They tell stories. I like stories.

So, uh, if you wanna see... I have these pages up so far:

You got a thing that's grand that gets me on fire
When Mayo Met her Hero
Creepy Fangirl
Hypnotised by Cows
Dreaming of the Land of Chocolate (A Picture Story)
The Delicate Process of Morphing Into a Spice Girl
Red Bull Phenomenon: Lab Rat
Cor blimey! Naff off, ya wanker!
Make Your Family Seem Normal This Holiday Season

Please note that I'm a CSS nazi, so in order to view these properly (ie. with the CSS - all hail CSS!) you'll need a real browser, like Mozilla or Firefox. Also: May contain frames.

Possibly coming soon:

- Cats makeup/costumes!
- Litter box cake!
- Two nutty girls runnin' around Vancouver!
- Pictures of my brother (he asked for it)!
- Random shit!

So keep coming back!

Are you really this bored, pedro?