You've all seen him before, you just don't know it. He warns you of what restroom you're going into*, he warns you when it's slippery, and he warns you to not run under the garage door when it's closing.

(Note: The above image was actually scanned off of my garage door opener, before I even noticed the Mr. Non-Descript Man phenomenon.)

I had never noticed him before until one night when my best friend 'Lexx and I went to Houston to see "Cats". As we were in the parking garage, we noticed a sign (not unsimilar to the first "Ouch" below) warning of the dangers of walking under the rail into the garage. The little shape guy was getting thwacked in the head by the gate! We laughed. I wish I'd taken a picture.

Later that night when we went to raid the (broken) vending machine, we noticed him again. This time, he was being crushed by a non-descript vending machine. It was tottering and threatening to fall forward. I took a picture of that one, and from the finished product you can tell my wonderful camera skillz:

'Lexx and I died laughing. This guy was everywhere! We started calling him Mr. Non-Descript Man since that pretty much summed him up... I guess it's easier to maul a guy if he has no face or outstanding features. *shrugs* Not only was he everywhere, but we reasoned he had the worst job ever.

Even later that night, in a fit of caffeine and lack of sleep, we created more jobs for Mr. Non-Descript Man that he probably wouldn't have found his way into otherwise. The "Cats" things are based off stuff from the 2000/2001 tour booklet. The "Munkustrap farted" one is particularly good because in all the pictures, Munkustrap had this look on his face that just screamed "Oops, I crapped my pants!"

I hope to eventually start documenting every place I find Mr. Non-Descript Man... until then, this is all you get, you little punks.

* Btw, there is no Mrs. Non-Descript Man. The women's restroom picture is officially of Mr. Non-Descript Man in drag.

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