These are pages are dedicated to those pieces of art that I will never see again:

My Simpsons "Unnamed Characters" crossword puzzle
My Art III/IV folder that had the Spice Girls with rabbit ears, devil horns, pregnant bellies and "will work for food" signs
The perspective "wall with the hole punched out" with the beautiful waterfall scene that took me 10 minutes
The last watercolour project I did in Art II
All the semi-decent drawings I did at Scholastic Meets
My "melting psychadelic candle" tempra painting
Self-portrait of me shoving Honey Combs in my mouth after just waking up
The "drug free" poster I did in 8th grade that had the little duck telling the squirrel, "Don't do quack!"

(Hey, how come I never lost any of my UGLY work?!)

This, however, was done by Miranda... I haven't lost this thing. It's hanging up in my room at my parents' house as of now. It's a watercolour of me and my boyfriend-at-the-time, Tim. He really didn't have a fro, but he did have funny hair.

I had no place else to put it up, but I wanted to. So sue me.

* The bad pun was intended.

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