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1997, Art II. Pencil, Prisma pencil. After many tries in an effort to put Billy Corgan in a drawing of mine, I finally found a loophole - when the project was about emphasis with colour. Somehow I got it to look a tad bit like him (one kid remarked to me, "That looks a lot like the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins!" No shit!). Undoubtedly, the best part of this one is the leather jacket. I skrimped on the background... It was the background on the original picture. My teacher: "Are you gonna give it a background?" Me: "Yeah." I bring it back the next day with a sink. Original picture of Billy Corgan Yelena Yemchuk, iirc. 51.4k

Late 1997, Art II. India ink, charcoal, charcoal pencil, chalk pastels. I can't wait to get a decent picture of this, because the picture I have here doesn't make it look how I want it. My first big project from a picture of my kitty cat, Princess (who passed away in December '99). Even tho the colours are really simple, it took me a long time to get it all done so she'd look halfway decent. The border is a lot like the stuff on my first Art II folder. I'm sure Princess actually laid on it more than once while I was working on it. ;)23.4k

December 1997, Art II. Watercolour paints, oil pastels. Our next venture was into watercolours, and I don't know why I put this one first, cos it was the last one I did. Generally, I hate watercolours. They're too hard to control, and I feel like controlling them defeats the purpose (because I can do better controlling acrylics, they're meant to be controlled.) Anyway, it was in December, and for extra credit I did an awful crappy card. I like the sky, however. The snow was done with white crayon, and I think the sun's orange was scribbled in with orange oil pastel. 32.8k

December 1997, Art II. Watercolour paints, oil pastels, salt. The technique we practiced here was a salt and crayon resist. In a nutshell, this is how it works: Crayons are made of wax. Wax resists water. Watercolours have water. See where I'm going here? Put down a layer of white crayon, and then paint over it, and the places that weren't covered looked like melted spots in show. Whee. The salt was the most fun - sprinkle it on top of wet colour and it'll suck the colour up. It does a LOT of cool looking things... and makes a yummy snack later. 51.1k

December 1997, Art II. Watercolour paints. As the drawing says, this was a "wet in wet" technique, where we put wet colour over another wet colour to see how it worked. Mine was all blotchy, and I secretly loved it, and then I got a B for it. Really, that's probably best, I was just slapping wet colours all over the place. 43.8k

December 1997, Art II. Watercolour paints, sponge. The ONLY watercolour I did that's worth a damn. It started as another technique, and I went and put more colours over it (we were allowed to use our first few we did since they were nothing more than washes; things could easily be put over them). We were using the handles of our paintbrushes to create grooves for paint to fall into (the tree trunks) and sponges for other stuff. No matter WHAT sponge I got, they didn't seem to want to work for me, or still had old colour from them, since the previous users didn't wash them out well enough. Still, this one came out looking like something besides lots of blobs on paper with a crappy tree... So I give it credit. 41.4k

January 1998, Art II. Coloured pencils. My art II folder, 2nd semester, was done from a drawing inside the "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" booklet. A cat wedding! w00t! Originally I'd planned to do the WHOLE scene, but it took so long to do the main kitties that I just simply didn't have time to finish the rest. I ended up putting in a bunch of REALLY shitty looking flowers around them... Which is why this is really cropped to the center. I'm also saving you people some bandwidth. Yay! The colouring is a shoddy job, masked by the fact that it kinda looks like a weird watercolour job, I'm happy about that, but I still wish I'd had time to finish it. MCIS booklet cat wedding picture Smashing Pumpkins? 85.2k

January 1998, English III. MSWord 97, Coloured pencils. This project, for my English III class junior year, was to read a book (any book!) and then create an ad campaign for it. We had to do buttons, a poster, a magazine ad, and a radio ad. Of course, I had 2 weeks to do this project, so I did the entire thing the night before. Here you see the magazine ad, which I font'ed on Word '97, printed out, and then coloured the fetus (my OWN creation, look proud!) in the background. One of the quotes is actually wrong, but no one could tell. The teacher was so impressed by it, that she laminated it. Oh, and I didn't have time to do a radio ad (we drew numbers that day and I got number 2, so... I didn't have an extra day to do it). 75.8k

January 1998, English III. Markers. Here's my poster for the project... And if you haven't noticed by now, the book I did was "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. ;P I threw the poster together in a day, and it did take me all day, lemmie tell you. By the time I was done with this one, the entire house stunk of permanent marker, and I was high for weeks. 88.8k

January 1998, Art III/IV. Chalk pastels, charcoal. In this particular class, we were studying the great artists of the Renaissance (DaVinci, Raphael, Michelangelo), and at the end of the unit we had an option of choosing our favourite drawing from that period and recreating it. I LOVE Raphael's drawings, they are innocently beautiful, so I chose one of his Madonna pictures. If you're art savvy and remember the 3rd girl on the right (wearing yellow), please forgive me for not including her... I didn't have time to. This is a picture of the drawing (too big to scan), and for once a digicam picture didn't turn out blurry, and you can see the details (like the blue blanket, it's folds look good). The faces were hard for me right then, so I'm not happy with them (you can see where I erased the woman's face so much that the colouring turned out different around her eyes), but the rest of it I can deal with. Original by Raphael Sanzio. 62.9k
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