Be patient. The pictures will load within an hour. Click on them to get bigger pictures. Don't forget that when the bean curd balls float on oil, turn them with a ladle until they look golden, take them out with a net ladle and let oil drop, then dip them in water to eliminate oil smell.

Early/Mid 1997, Art I. Tempra Paints. If you click on this, and it makes your eyes go all funky, and makes them start bleeding, then I did this project right. This is known as complementary colours. There are three sets: Red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow. Complementaries are opposites on the colour wheel, for those taking notes. Anyhow, put these colours together, and at juuuust the right tints, they really annoy your eyes. I chose red and green because these colours acheive the affect the easiest... yellow and purple are actually quite hard. If you're bored and don't have much to do, stare at something that's red until you start to see blurry colour around its edges. Then go look at a white wall. The after image in your eye will be the complementary colour will be green (or the opposite of whatever colour you happened to be staring at). If you haven't noticed, I love complementary colours. 48.2k

May 1997, Art I. Pencil. Yes, another Smashing Pumpkins themed thing. This time it was the SP heart logo. We did a unit on printing on clay tiles. The teacher specified we needed crosshatching and lots of detail. She also specified that if there was text on it, we needed to let her know, because this stuff printed off backwards. Well... she didn't realise I'd done text. (Hense the finished product below :P) So, yeah, we had to carve out our drawing using little knives into a tile of clay. It was really interesting, if not dangerous. Smashing Pumpkins heart Smashing Pumpkins. 48.8k

May 1997, Art I. Red and black printing ink. ARRGGH. I am so annoyed that this came out backwards. At least it worked, tho. After we carved the tiles, we rolled ink onto them and put them thru this giant rolling press. For multiple colours, we had to run it thru the press multiple times. Basically, you had to learn to line stuff up properly. We did a set of ten, and wrote on them like real artists do! Of course, unlike real artists, mine wouldn't sell if I paid you to take it. Smashing Pumpkins heart (albeit backwards) Smashing Pumpkins. 53.5k

Mid 1996 or 1997, Art I or II. Pencil. This is nothing fancy... It was actually a scribble on a test I did in the class. We had to draw something that was out of proportion to something else, or something like that. I think it's funny, the expression on the cat's face is priceless. I want to put this on a t-shirt someday. Pwn3d! 34.3k

August 1997, Art II. Pen, Sharpie marker. This folder is another from the "Inspired by MCIS" bin. It's my first art II folder. The image came from the inside of the MCIS lyric booklet. I copied the font from the booklet as well, and was actually a little pissed off because I got cabinet number thirty four. (Thirty-three is a Pumpkins song and would have been more appropriate somehow.) Anyhow, drawing and inking it WAS as tedious as it looks. Oooh, but I DID get to do a bit of pointilism in it... which I loved. And I forgot to colour in the pupils on that cabbage thing. Someone in my class told me it looked like something out of Fraggle Rock. MCIS inside booklet Smashing Pumpkins? 218k

September 1997, Art II. Coloured pencils. The angelfish is supposed to represent patterns in nature. So, I used it... damnit. I like angelfish! 93.5k

September 1997, Art II. Coloured pencils. Actually, I don't remember what this one was for. I'm not too fond of it. I don't like the colours, but I was using Crayolas (still). It needs more action! Garfield Paws, Inc. 78.2k

Fall 1997, Art II. Coloured pencils. The concept of this was to create something that drew your eye in vertically. Just putting Marge in the wallpaper museum (it WOULD be a place the Simpsons went on vacation, wouldn't it? But without Ku Klux Klam) wasn't good enough, so I littered her hair with things that just didn't make sense! Besides flowers, bugs and tree branches, there's a fork, a bandaid, a pencil, a faucet, and a cat tail, among other things. The very bottom was cut off to fit it on the exhibit in the trophy cases; the bottom of it contained Bart giving a peace sign behind Marge. The ladybug on her shoulder was also sacrificed. The Simpsons, Marge Simpson 20th Century Fox. 110k

Fall 1997, Art II. Coloured pencils. When in doubt, I draw flowers. Lots of flowers. I got lucky because this, much like Marge up above, draws your eye in at a certain angle. I did it in about five minutes the day before it was due. Yeah, I know, bad habit. 84.8k

Fall 1997, Art II. Coloured pencils. Words cannot begin to express the sheer tedium of this. You may notice the white jellybeans that are in there. They weren't SUPPOSED to be in there at all, but I was getting behind, and I needed to turn it in. So I started purposely not colouring in everything. Luckily it still works ok, but one corner is more coloured than the rest, because I started from there. Fun fact: I talked to my friends Ann and Pyke on the phone while I coloured this in maniacally. 146.0k



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