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December 1996, Art I. Tempra paints, black Sharpie. This was my first big tempra paint project. (Probably my last, too.) The sketch (see below) turned out better; somehow, in the big painting, Garfield's head seems way too big for his body. Unlike most other things, I can draw Garfield without looking at him, because I've just drawn him THAT freakin' much. I love the big tubby. Garfield © Paws, Inc. 33.9k
Original sketch

January 1997, Art I. Coloured pencil. For my 2nd Art I folder (you don't want to see the first, it was lame-o) I went with a They Might Be Giants motif. I love the cover to the pink album, so I recreated it on my art folder. I don't think my teacher knew what to make of it. I was going to do the back of the booklet on the back, but I simply didn't have time. Sorry for the mismatching colours in spots; the folder was too big for the scanner so I had to scan in parts, and it fudged up the colours. (Of course, it was a cheap scanner.) The words at the bottom say: En Française / Le Cours d'Art / Numero Sept (#7) / El-Stace-O. TMBG cover © They Might Be Giants? Whoever originally drew it. 158k

Early 1997, Art I. Pencil. This really isn't the most exciting art in the history of the world. It's lettering. That's right! Western lettering! We did a unit on letters and had to recreate certain types of lettering. Not the most fun hour or two of my life, but I do like how it turned out. 56.0k

Early 1997, Art I. Pencil. Oi, again with the lettering. This is known as Gothic lettering. I think it's really, really gorgeous, and I don't think I did it justice. It's big and poofy and pretty. Somehow the pen I used to trace over it made it look bulky. 68.8k

Early 1997, Art I. Coloured pencil. We were then told to make our own type of lettering. The teacher said we could take a font or something and add to it. My lame ass idea was to take the lettering from Mellon Collie (I was using the font Nitemare) and put shitty flowers on it. Oh well, par for the course, eh? I somehow still got an A for it. 107k

Early/Mid 1997, Art I. Coloured pencil. This Simpsons milk ad was actually never supposed to happen. We were doing a unit about posters, right? We could either do an ad, some kind of a lettering thing (initials I believe), or a poster with a picture and a quote/poetry that went along with it. My teacher specifically said, "Do not use copyrighted characters." At a loss as to what to do, I used copyrighted characters. :P I know there was actually a Simpsons milk ad, which I garnered most of this from, but switched it around... Actually, I don't remember how I tweaked it anymore. *shrugs* Later, after it was all said and done, I came up with a better thing to do (involving the drawing and poetry bit). I felt stupid. Simpsons, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Milhouse © 20th Century Fox. 40.3k

Early 1997, Art I. India Ink. I forget the name for what this is. (Not "cat", you idiot.) The whole "draw a word into what it is" concept. I really do think it has a name. Obviously, I did CAT. It was one of the few original ideas I came up with, and considering that I drew cats all the time, it wasn't much of a shock. As with the positive and negative piece, I used India Ink for this (my own choice), and used a lot more White Out. 29.6k

Early 1997, Art I. Tempra paints. I told you you'd see this one again! Hah! And it's even worse than before. We started a unit on colours. First up: Primary colours. This was all I could think of to do. The secondary colours one was infinitely worse, tho, so... I'll spare anyone from having to look at that crap. 26.8k

Early 1997, Art I. Tempra paints. Yay for tints and stuff! Bubbles. Pretty blue and green bubbles. You know, after looking at it, I realise I have absolutely no recollection of doing it. 53.9k

Early 1997, Art I. Tempra paints. I really hate this piece. I think it's ugly and doesn't do tempra paints (or any other kind of paint for that matter) justice. We were doing monochromatics, ie. using one colour for the whole painting. While there's a fairly good representation of the tints and shades of red in this... A fence. A tree. My mind is totally bland. That fence makes me cringe. I think it's the "lighting" that does it. 43.8k



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