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Mid/Late 1995. Markers. At this point in my life, I was highly influenced by the fX network. At the time, it was actually worth watching (as opposed to the crap it is now - nothing but another rehashed syndication station), and it was on my daily agenda. It used to feature live television, live shows where the audience could (and was VERY encouraged to) interact with the shows, hosts, and environment. I was in love with it, and my fandom spilled over into my art. I can't begin to tell you how many times I drew the fX logo. There was a point on this show called Backchat, where the host (you know Jeff Probst? The guy that hosts Survivor? He was the host!) of the show asked for fan art, and they ran logo competitions for segments. I never sent one in, but I did send in some letters that got read on the air. Funny, I could actually rant about fX all day long, but I'll spare you. fX logo fX Networks, 20th Century Fox. 25.1k

Mid/Late 1995. Pencil. Another, more dramatic version of the fX logo. Did I ever mention that once, I bought giant slabs of posterboard with the intent of making a huge fX box? I did. and I got it all done, except for the top, and gluing it together. Yes, I was slightly obsessed... but it really was a great network. fX logo fX Networks, 20th Century Fox. 30.8k

Late 1995/Early 1996, World History Class. Coloured pencil. In 8th grade I had a world history class. We were made to keep a notebook, and the teacher was quite a bit of fun - she tried to make taking notes interesting, so she'd have us draw stuff in the notebook. At the front one day, I drew this. (The image is from a Garfield book somewhere.) She actually asked if she could keep it, she liked it so much, so I let her. This is a photocopy of it that I had done before I turned in the notebook for her to keep. Err, actually, I kept the notebook; she kept the drawing. Garfield Paws, Inc. 60.9k

January 1996. Pen. Seriously? I don't know why I did this. I think I missed pointilism. The depth could have been better, but oh well. 31.5k

January 1996. Coloured pencils. After the World History Garfield, a guy in my class (who sat behind me) asked me to draw Odie for him. I liked my Odie so much that I drew another one for him (actually, I traced my own artwork) so I could keep the original. He never knew the difference. Later the guy asked me for a Jon (which I complied with) and then a Nermal. I never finished Nermal. Garfield, Odie Paws, Inc. 59.1k

June 1996. Coloured pencils. Cartoon Network used to run Josie and the Pussycats (in outer space;) after Space Ghost on Friday nights. I liked it. So I drew this. Josie and the Pussycats Hanna Barbara, Archie Comics. 80.5k

September 1996, Art I. Pencil. After struggling in my first high school art class (I couldn't think up any interesting, original ideas - all those years of taking from my inspirations made my own creativity moot... which is a problem I still suffer from today, I completley lack the ability to draw an image from my own head, while I can draw things I see with my eyes extremely well), I finally made an A with this. The image was from a book about drawing cats that I had (heh), and the assignment was a perspective one. I chose to draw something extremely up close, and decided I would do a cat. (Shock, horror.) After this, my art teacher started taking me a LOT more seriously. 60.3k

Late 1996, Art I. India Ink. A study in positive/negatives. This was the first time I actually got to branch out from the meager bits of media I'd previously used, and got to work with India Ink. (It's the stuff tattoos are made of, so you sort of have to be careful while handling it.) I used a quill pen on the outlines, and the pens were old (art department == underfunded), so I got black splotches in the white areas, especially the small white areas, quite a bit. To offset this, I used White Out in parts of the white area, which wasn't much better. I was high when this was finally completed. ;) 60.5k

Late 1996, Art I. Felt-tipped pen. This is the last pointilism thing I've done. I don't remember how long this took, but it was VERY tedious. I had so much fun doing it, tho... Especially figuring out how to get all the draping clothes to look right, and the different shades to be noticed. My art teacher was quite excited that I knew what the concept was and could execute it. Unfortunately, the Mellon Collie girl here also got worn out over time, and the paper's all browned and the inks are bleeding. Why does that happen to all my pointilisms? *weeps* MCIS girl Smashing Pumpkins? She's not mine, boys. 141k

Late 1996, Art I. Magazine ads, pencil. A study in textures. I didn't fully appreciate this when I was doing it. In fact, I hated it. We were told to find three examples of texture in a magazine, to cut them out, and paste them at the top of the paper... then we were supposed to draw them underneath. Of course, I'm (sadly) great at copying, but this just annoyed me. Cramming each image into such a small space frustrated me, and I especially hated that damned rooster. The only one I did well was the liquor. The first two could have stood quite a bit more shading. 72.8k



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