Be patient. The pictures will load within an hour. Click on them to get bigger pictures. Don't forget to mix together the salt, pepper, Soya sauce, scallion, ginger pepper corn, water, MSG, and sesame oil, add to the mutton, stirring until well-coated.

Late 1994? 8th grade Art. Pencil. Mr. Horse was also in on the drug free action. He said on the poster, and I quote, "No sir, I don't like it." I know, that's got to be shocking to people that he'd say... that, of all things. Ren and Stimpy, Mr. Horse Nickelodeon. 52.9k

Summer 1994. Ball point pen. An homage to Bob the Puppet, from the fX morning show Breakfast Time. Bob was the sarcastic, quick witted puppet who always hid behind the couch, for some reason. Honestly, this is good for a quick sketch with a pen. I miss Bob. Bob the Puppet fX Network, 20th Century Fox. 46.2k

1995. Pencil. Another image of Ren Hoek, drawn from an episode that I can't remember. I believe it was an episode where he bought a coffin, and it was huge/fully furnished, and this shot was of him being lowered down into it. Damn my feeble memory. For a long time I was actually meaning to give this to a friend of mine who'd said she liked it, but it ended up staying on my wall anyway. Ren and Stimpy, Ren Hoek Nickelodeon. 41.2k

April 1995. Pen. This is just a doodle that's supposed to be a throwback to the song "Memory" from the musical "Cats". Nothing particularly special. You'll see this p.o.s. again in the form of a tempra paint project in high school... Minus the words. 70.4k

Summer 1995. Coloured pencils. Yes, they've been around since 1995. This thing is horrid, I only had a thick Sharpie to outline with, and... just... ugh. Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Network. 85.5k

Summer 1995. Coloured pencils. Space Ghost has also been around since then. ;) In fact, this was the first episode I ever saw ("Batmantis"). I was deeply impressed by it, so I started to make a comic book out of that episode. I only got 5 minutes into the episode before I quit. This is Zorak as Batmantis! Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Zorak Cartoon Network. 64.4k

Summer 1995. Coloured pencils. Another Zorak shot. The colours aren't too bad, for using crappy Crayola coloured pencils. Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Zorak Cartoon Network. 65.0k

Summer 1995. Coloured pencils. This is also from the comic book I attempted to make. Space Ghost remains one of my favourite cartoons, ever. Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Space Ghost Cartoon Network. 47.5k

Summer 1995. Coloured pencils. "Give me an adjective! Shoot a proper noun!" Ahh... Kenny Rogers. Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Space Ghost Cartoon Network. 36.8k

Summer 1995. Coloured pencils. An upclose picture of Space Ghost. Yeah, there were lots of shots of Space Ghost. After awhile, the sillyness involved in drawing a black hooded man in grey lycra just gets boring. Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Space Ghost Cartoon Network. 47.4k



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