Be patient. The pictures will load within an hour. Click on them to get bigger pictures. Don't forget to place artichoke slices on watercress leaves.

Summer 1994. Pen. It's an Italian guy named Luigi. Sort of a take off of the Mario Brothers, except with a much larger head. Honestly, I don't know why I drew him, or put him up here. He's a non-entity. 12.0k

Summer 1994. Pen. Jody, the environmentalist whacko, actually began as "Devin, the serial [cereal] killer". See, the whole picnic table thing doesn't make sense, really, because I drew the cereal and table setup first. Then I fudged up on Devin, and turned him into a her, and fit the rest of it around her as I thought it up. Jody eerily looks like Michael Jackson. 39.8k

Summer 1994. Pen. One of those 3 am spurts of inspiration created this. I sincerely like it, despite its many *cough* flaws. I love the detailed things the most, and this is one of them. The little blurb I wrote at the top isn't quite fitting (should be more like "Why hopeful high school teachers shouldn't watch David Letterman" - indicating that the teacher watched Letterman thru university), but it's close enough. Anyhow, I'm not proud because of the art level. I'm proud of it because it's funny in a sick way. 44.2k

Summer 1994. Pen. Thuggy the thug is a modern day Oscar the grouch, complete with nicely groomed unibrow and full chicken leg. He's hanging out in all the right dumpsters if he's finding full, untouched meals in there. Yeah, he's an evil dude. 18.0k

Summer 1994. Pen. If I were to make a villian out of anything, I would make it out of a parakeet. He would only be able to say minimal words, but damn, he'd be smooth. Hense The Parakeet. Look at his sinisterness! FEAR it! 14.1k

Summer 1994. Pen. There was a show on the fX channel called "The Pet Department." There was a daily segment called a Road Test, where the host took one breed of animal and looked at it overall (health issues, temperment, special needs, socialness, etc.) to see how good of a pet it could potentially be. For some reason, I thought a Road Test should be taken literally. That is how Robbie Roadkill was born. Look carefully, you WILL see organs. Point out all of them properly, and let me know, and maybe I'll give you a nifty prize. 34.6k

September 1994, 8th grade Art. Felt-tipped pen. This was my first pointilism drawing ever. Unfortunately, time has severely yellowed and faded the paper, and now Mr. Letterman doesn't look quite as crisp as he used to. The entire thing took me around 22 hours (just to dot). I remember showing the sketch to my art teacher, who nodded boredly. After showing her the finished product, her tongue was on the floor. I'm still not sure if dotting his face was a good idea, but I did it anyway because he's not albino, damnit. And for those that don't know - yes, EVERY SINGLE PART of this was done in dots. The lines that look solid? Dots. Shading? Dots. It drives you mad. Late Show with David Letterman CBS Broadcasting. 105k

October 1994, 8th grade Art. Tempra paints. I'm not fond of this. In fact, I think it's fairly ugly. My teacher made me put the speckles all over it (I know, it was ugly before that too). Obviously, it was before I grasped shading/not needing to put black lines around everything. Yeah, I watched too many cartoons as a child. ;) 65.5k

Late 1994?, 8th grade Art. Pencil. For my 8th grade art class, one of our projects (whether we liked it or not) was to do a poster for red ribbon week (which is the week where everyone proclaims how bad drugs are, that they won't do them, blahblah bullshit etc). I drew Ren, Stimpy and Mr. Horse for mine. Ahh, to be blissfully unaware of copyright violations! Ren and Stimpy, Ren Hoek Nickelodeon. 64.5k

Late 1994?, 8th grade Art. Pencil. This is the Stimpy sketch for aformentioned poster. As for the real poster, I never got it back. It was a shame too, I did it in Prisma markers. It was pretty. Ren and Stimpy, Stimpson J. Cat Nickelodeon. 45.5k



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