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Late 1993/Early 1994. Pencil. Yes, more of this guy. This was a vcr pause of him on the Tonight Show. He was incredibly nervous and had dandruff on his coat, which Mr. Leno brushed off. Of course, I'm just giving you these tedious details to distract from the crapness of the picture. Those teeth, geez. I'm not even sure if it looks like him anymore. At the time, I was proud. 39.7k

Early 1994. Pencil. I used to love Cracked Magazine. Honestly, I never touched Mad, but Cracked was where I was at... possibly because it had the lesser known Sylvester P. Smythe, the janitor, for the obligatory "mascot". Anyhow, Don Martin drew for Cracked, and I worshipped him. This is HIS cartoon, I just re-drew it (look + redraw, no tracing). Original drawing Don Martin, Cracked Magazine. 55.3k

1994. Pencil. This was also part of Cracked magazine, it was a back cover on one of the issues. It's still unfinished. You can probably guess why I wanted to draw it. :P Original drawing ?, Cracked Magazine. 51.0k

Summer 1994. Pen. Boredom + late night + new paper + gel pen = this. I did a whole series of cartoony characters like this, which you'll see below. (Yeah, I can feel the excitement.) This first one is George. He's a chronic nose picker. I like his demented look, like he's accidently stabbed his brain once or twice. Why nose picking? Because I'm reduced to giggles by bodily functions. 11.9k

Summer 1994. Pen. This is the Retired Clown. He just looks surley. Don't ask me about the perspective. I'm not quite sure why the television is how it is, but then again, I suppose I can't give you answers about ANYTHING in this picture. Like... why does he look so angry, yet he lives in a nice happy fun world where he's still wearing rainbow suspenders and a bald cap? Is he mad BECAUSE he's living in this faux cheerful world, or is it something else? Is something on the tele just not funny? How many children has he killed and eaten? 25.2k

Summer 1994. Pen. As any aspiring artist knows, the easiest way to deal with drawing hands is to JUST NOT DRAW THEM. Either make your people wear mittens all the time, or put their hands behind their back. The latter works better, mittens become questionable after drawing them enough (tho it could be an interesting gimmick, I s'pose). Anyhow, that was one reason Kip the Hippie here has one of his hands behind his back. The size of his feet scare me. It just doesn't make sense. But hey, I certainly wasn't caring about proportion. 30.2k

Summer 1994. Pen. Another in the "I don't know why" department. He's supposed to be the son of David Letterman. Except fatter, and shorter, and smoking what appears to be a giant dung beetle. 16.7k

Summer 1994. Pen. Remember Michael Jordon going into baseball (during one of his "retirements")? Yeah, me too. I thought it was funny and uncharacteristic, so I drew this in commemoration. 19.9k

Summer 1994. Pen. This is Ingram. He's a SUPER NERD ACCOUNTANT!!!! You saw my bashing of my dad with his profession in that lame-o bumper sticker I drew up ("Accountants are Gnarly Dudes"). It was normal for us to make fun of each other, and his career path made it easy. ;) Of course, I can laugh because he passed all his nerdish traits on to me. Anyhow, this is how I imagine most of the people who post to Slashdot. 16.7k

Summer 1994. Pen. Lisa is her name. She, along with Kip, is supposed to be Hippie-esque. She sort of comes off that way, moreso in a chic California "I don't eat meat" kind of way. Because of this, she was named after the Simpson. 12.1k



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