Be patient. The pictures will load within an hour. Click on them to get bigger pictures. Don't forget to heat the remaining 3 tbsp oil in a wok until the oil surface ripples.

1993? Markers. One of the other bumper stickers I made around the same time as the Log bumper sticker. This one was for my dad, who has an affinity for accounting and computers. It was supposed to be more mocking than lighthearted fun, but he thought it was funny, anyway. Yes, it says "gnarly"... it was the early 90's, it was acceptable! Among other things, I made fun of his car (a Hundai... at the time) in another one. Despite what it sounds like, I DO love my dad. 46.6k

1993. Pencil. Lots of my first drawings and things were inspired by things that I saw. The Simpsons have been a huge influence always. This drawing was done (as were lots of them) from freeze framing my VCR and basically drawing what I saw on the screen. Lisa here is in her Sunday getup, recoiling from someone in the car. I believe the episode was "Homer the Heretic". Oh, bless Matt Groening. Simpsons, Lisa Simpson 20th Century Fox. 24.2k

1993. Pencil. When I was in gradeschool, mainly in 4th and 5th grade, there were these books that the teachers used to, I suppose, "teach" art. They had all these cartoony characters in them, and for busywork on Friday afternoons, they would make copies of a page and tell everyone to draw it. (So many people traced, of course. They were given Fs.;) Later on I bought a copy of the book for myself because I enjoyed the recreation aspect. This football dude (despite the fact that no, I don't like football) was from that book, but drawn a few years AFTER grade school. 48.1k

1993. Pencil. To be completely honest, I don't remember how this image of Maggie Simpson came about. She was my favourite at the time, so I drew her a lot. I think I might have done this with another girl I knew, while sitting in church. I drew a LOT in church. Simpsons, Maggie Simpson 20th Century Fox. 56.8k

1993, 7th grade Art. Coloured paper. This delightfully crappy piece was an assignment in my first real art class, beginning in 7th grade. (The class sucked... there was really no covering of technique, and most of the things I did in it came out uber bland because there was no incentive to create.) It consisted of me, a hole puncher, and coloured paper. Oh, did I mention glue? LOTS of glue. Lots of tedious glueing! Hmm... someday I might try this again with a better subject than Maggie Simpson. Simpsons, Maggie Simpson 20th Century Fox. 60.3k

Late 1993?, 7th grade Art. Tempra paints. My first (and most likely last) totally abstract piece, ever. I don't even remember what it was for, but I remember pulling back a loaded paintbrush, aiming for the paper, and firing. Then slinging even MORE paint around. Paint was everywhere. 81.8k

Late 1993?, 7th grade Art. Tempra paints. There's no excuse. This is just crappy. It was my first picture with tempra paint. (Besides the atrocity above.) It's not half bad, except for the deformed duck. However, I don't know what the orange floaty bits are! Arm floaties for drowning babies? Hell if I can figure it out. 38.0k

December 1993. Pencil. I went thru a long, drawn out Conan O'Brien phase. Part of this hyperobsession included mindless sketches at school. I played around with logos and stuff. This is probably the best one I did. 27.4k

December 1993. Pencil. Another logo-esque thing. Really, now, try not to hurt anything from laughing. 14.0k

January 1994. Pencil. Hey, long term Conan fans! Remember when the opening sequence used to be a cartoon (around the same time there was no cityscape behind Conan - it was just a bunch of wooden paneling)? This is one of the last frames from that cartoon. I don't know why the hell I drew it. Like I said, I was obsessing. Conan O'Brien cartoon NBC? 44.2k



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