Be patient. The pictures will load within an hour. Click on them to get bigger pictures. Don't forget to remove tofu from plastic bag, rinse, and then squeeze out excess water by placing cakes between two plates and pressing plates together while tipping out water.

Summer 2000. Prisma pencils. There is a tv show called Farscape. It's my husband's favourite show. Among the characters, there's this alien chick named Chiana, whose getup looks suspiciously like a cat. Tight clothing, grey and black markings, and a short, boufy hairdo. Among my cats animes, I decided it would be fun to do an anime Chiana. So I did. I like her shiney boots and gloves. Farscape, Chiana Jim Henson Corp. and SciFi Network. 177k

January 2001. Pencil. This is a portrait I did of a good friend of mine, Emma Bunnyton. (Yes, that's her real name.) For awhile she was into prostitution and wanted to be a Playboy model, and one day she asked me if I'd draw a picture of her. She wouldn't pose for me, so this is basically a crappy interp of how she really looks. She's a lot prettier, and sexier than this. However, it's not bad after not touching realism for x amount of years. Emma loved it, but her boyfriend burned it, along with some of her other possessions, out of spite. 210k

February 2001. Prisma pencils. Ahh, the best inspiration comes from caffeine and best friends. Lexx happens to love caffeine, and I was playing with a faerie phase, so I drew her as a faerie. I like the top half of this, and the cup, but I seriously gimped the hands and the legs. Seriously, this is from ME, the person who did the cool looking hand sketches in graphic design class two years prior. *sighs* So an homage to my best friend, yes. She looks like she's taken extasy and is watching the Teletubbies. 370k

February 2001. Prisma pencils and Paint Shop Pro. The image of Emma Bunnyton as an actual rabbit is a good one, so I adapted Emma into an anthro slut rabbit. Actually, at the time I had an Asheron's Call character named Bunnyton the Harlot. I wanted to draw her. I got this instead. As ugly as that simple cg background is, it took me ages, filling in all the little dots around the rabbit. Yes, I eventually found a better way. 182k

February 2001. Prisma pencils and Paint Shop Pro. I used to belong to a drawing community that dealt with fantasy art above anything else. While I was there, I met a kind man named Zug. He had a character, a super hero, named Bunnyman. Are you thinking what we were thinking? If so, then a crossover was inevitable. ;) Zug kindly let me use his character for Emma to dream about. Even tho they're anthromorphs, it still doesn't exactly fit in the "right" realm of fantasy art (if you know what I mean). I'm not quite sure *why* her bed is levitating, but it's kind of disturbing. As is the fact that there's a hole in her boxers for her little cotton tail. Bunnyman Michael Zug. 162k

March - April 2001. Prisma pencils and Paint Shop Pro. Another anthro-faerie in a bastardised cartoony anime style - sense a pattern? Kneading kitty fae was originally supposed to be stretching, but after I drew her it looked like she was kneading. The typical one-thing-that-ruins-the-drawing is fairly obvious this time - her tail. It's coming out of her butt. I don't know how I managed that, but it makes me sad. Poor cat. She still looks happy tho. 320k

March 2001. Pencil. Since I was getting into fantasy, I wanted to try a dragon. Knowing nothing of dragons OR their anatomy (Someday... someday I will actually care), I made a snakelike creature that looks like it has goat horns. There was a Photoshop colour attempt that didn't work, so the pencil sketch is the finished product. 204k

April 2001. Prisma pencils & inkpen. Another throwback to the anime Cats series, this is anime Sillabub. Quite frankly, she looks evil. I'm not very happy with her, but I like the colours. This started out as a leg and branched out from there. Cats, Sillabub Really Useful Group, Ltd. 184k

April 2001. Charcoal & chalk pastels. Cherry (named after a Smashing Pumpkins song... not what you're thinking cos she's naked, perverts) is the drawing version of how I feel about my drawing ability anymore. It SUCKS, and she knows it. The body was modelled after my own, and I apologise for the face. The black ashy background was fun to do, tho... more using of the stolen charcoal from my high school art class. It will live forever! 387k



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