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December 1999. Pencil. O yeah, that's some good sleep! 14.6k

January 2000. Pencil. I was trying to get a good idea of how I wanted to make my bouquet for my wedding. It's nothing spectacular (it turned out awful in colour so that never came about), but I slapped it up anyway, and left it up cos A asked me nicely *smiles at A* :) In case you were wondering, it's nothing like how my real bouquet looked... less flowers, bigger roses in the middle (they could have given someone a concussion if I'd thrown it!), and more leafy things. Oh, and the absense of a ribbon, no matter how much my Aunt Gail was begging me to let her do one 2 minutes before the ceremony began. "It'll only take a minute!" she said... As I started walking down the aisle... :P 59.5k

January 2000. Pencil. This semi-decent self-portrait was drawn so I could have a face to try and make some cats facial markings of my kitten, Etcetera. I looked at myself in a mirror so I could get the basic face proportions, since that's all I really needed for the drawing. When I was done I looked at it and realised it did look like me, so I kept it like it was. The lips are really too small, but what the heck... I ended up printing out the scanned copy for Etcetera's markings. 75.9k

January 2000. Pencil. My best friend Lexx... it was one of those days where I probably shouldn't have been drawing, let alone holding a pencil in my hand... Anyhow, I had the urge to draw her with her "Friday Cutie" makeup on (which was actually a simplified version of the facial markings of her baby, Stella). It's not bad, but I do wish it looked more like her, and I wish I'd actually finished the hair. There's always hope, but with my track record, it probably won't happen. All apologies to Lexx for butchering her gorgeous facade. 73.8k

April 2000. Pencil. Here's the updated version of my Demeter makeup - this time with a real looking face! (Why God, oh why can I draw a face perfectly when I'm using it to put makeup on, but I can't draw them when I'm NOT thinking of makeup plans?) The makeup was based off of Celina Carjaval's Tour IV Demeter. I still use it for my Demeter makeup, it's way bolder and more interesting than the original stuff I was using. I drew this on a whim one day when my brother was visiting. Cats, Demeter Really Useful Group, Ltd. 43.2k

June 2000. Prisma pencils. Ok. I'll warn you now. This is the point where my drawing skills all go completely downhill. I don't know why, they just... DID. The height of my decent drawings was in high school. This is Victoria, a character from the musical Cats. I had the idea to adapt the cats to anime poses so I could get a feel for the genre. Let me make this clear: I don't like anime. I don't like it at all. But I love how it looks, and I decided to try my hand at it. Despite the people that will whine, bitch and gripe that this is not anime, let me say this: I took this pose from a Sailor Moon image on the internet. The pose came from an ANIME PICTURE. Therefore, I am calling it anime! Now go wank over your manga. Cats, Victoria Really Useful Group, Ltd. 49.7k

June 2000. Prisma pencils. I can admit this one doesn't look as anime, but I did it without any sorts of refrences. This is supposed to be Bombalurina from Cats. I originally drew it in pencil, and didn't colour it in until about six months later, because for some reason I was going thru a stage where I was terrified colour would ruin it. (Or, alternately, that I would ruin it by choosing the wrong colours.) It was drawn at work, on a card table in the closet. Because, I shit you not, it was my desk. People hate me. Err... isn't Bomby sexy? Cats, Bombalurina Really Useful Group, Ltd. 238k

June 2000. Prisma pencils. Again, I didn't get the eyes quite right, but it's not bad for being one of the first things I did in anime. And without a reference. She was drawn the same time Bombalurina was, and coloured six months later as well. Unfortunately, the scanner didn't pick up the subtle colours in her fur, but they're quite pretty. Nyah, you're missing out. Cats, Demeter Really Useful Group, Ltd. 240k

June 2000. Pencil. Anime Etcetera. Admittedly, the pose was also borrowed from Sailor Moon, and she wasn't finished til much later. I took the makeup from an UBER cute Tour IV Rumpelteazer/Etcetera, and it kind of didn't match her unitard. The wig was a crap attempt to tie the makeup and the unitard together, but oh well. I think she's still cute. Cats, Etcetera Really Useful Group, Ltd. 78.8k

Summer 2000. Prisma pencils. While not the best looking figure wise, the colours on my anime Jellylorum, I like. I had the pleasure of having a Broadway Jellylorum unitard in my possession for awhile (before passing it on to Lexx), so I got to really see the cololurs up close. My drawing doesn't do it proper justice, but I did try really hard to get the streaky greys, beige/peaches, and golds in as I saw them. I bow to the Jellylorum unitard, and weep for the eating disorder this girl obviously has. BTW, I've had people dogging me for it not looking like Jellylorum. To them, I say this: I was in possession of THREE real unitards from CATS. I know what a Jellylorum looks like. Cats, Jellylorum Really Useful Group, Ltd. 192k



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