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99 Pencil and pen. "Pug" is a Smashing Pumpkins song, off their album "Adore"... It has an electronic feel to it, so I made the lettering look like a fancy 286-ish font. I never erased the lettering underneath cos if the ink was still wet and I tried, I'd get it all smeared. And you can see where I really messed up on the G, it never came completely erased. Pug lyrics Billy Corgan. 36.6k

Summer 1999. Charcoal. I got bored one night and so I finally got out my drawing pad again and sketched an outline of a cat (if you have a Broadway Cats booklet, I believe this cat is on the very first page after the inside cover). Using the charcoal and blending stump I never got a chance to give back to my art teacher (I'll reimburse you, Ms. L), I coloured it in. After this, you'll find most of my drawings are in black and white, cos I'm too chicken to go after them with colour. Cats Really Useful Group, Ltd. 21.9k

September 1999. Pencil. This was my original makeup chart for my Cats costume... it's based on a picture of the older tour Demeter's makeup. I know the face is funky looking, especially from the side, but at the time it didn't matter - I just wanted a good side view of the makeup where it stood. Eventually, I reverted to a newer tour Demeter's makeup, which you'll see later (with a better looking face, natch;). Cats, Demeter Really Useful Group, Ltd. 38.8k

September 1999. Prisma Pencils. My happy little fratboy here was a commissioned work by my friend Ellie Dee, who, for awhile, was going to create a website called "Kill a Fratboy for Jesus". These two images were supposed to be an onmouseover image... so when you put your mouse on a link or something, the happy fratboy turned into the dead fratboy. Happy fratboy was originally saying "Man, that 14 year old looks good!", but I had to edit that out, for image size reasons. I have trouble explaining this one to people who are glancing thru my sketchbook, especially co-workers. ;) 32.1k, 33.4k

September 1999. Pencil. Dun Dun Dun! It's SuperGeek! A and I got bored so we each drew our own personal super heros. I dubbed myself "SuperGeek". It looks like she stuck her finger in a lightswitch to get that 'do, and the underwear on the outside of her unitard is telling of itself. Her shield was taken from a busy intersection, and you can't not love the cattle prod. Back off, or she'll zap you, heathen! (Ignore the blueness of the scan... was tweaking it a bit and never changed it back.) It's a shame I already inked it, or else I could have fixed her severely butchered proportions... That's what you get for having the REAL SuperGeek draw her. 43.3k

December 1999. Pencil. This was just a quick sketch of my beautiful calico, Princess, who died not even a week before. I had a vision of her looking over me from a cloud up in the sky, at peace, sleeping with her little tail curled up over her face like she always did. As soon as I'd finished moving the pencil, I broke down and cried. I couldn't finish the star after that, and was too afraid to ruin my beauty's face, so I never touched it with colours. The writing underneath my signature says "-heart- to my angel kitty". 48.4k

December 1999. Pencil. Mum gave me a book about painting cats (mainly with watercolours), and in the foreward of the book the author was talking about drawing a basic shape of your cat to get a feel for how cats' bodies are. Etcetera inspired me, so I began sketching her as I saw her. The more poses I sketched, the greater in detail I ended up getting... This one was of her eating her food. 9.05k

December 1999. Pencil. Etcetera sketch #2. This time I got her laying down on my bed in front of me. 14.1k

December 1999. Pencil. When a cat lays down, it has to fall asleep, right? Especially if it's on something important! 15.6k

December 1999. Pencil. Streeeeeeeeetched out, with her paws hanging off the edge of the bed. 13.5k



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