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April 1999, Scholastic Meet. Ebony pencil. I actually got 2nd place in a state scholastic meet for this thing! We got two oranges each and a napkin (for cleanup if we ripped 'em apart) and were told to draw. I had to "imagine" more oranges on the table since the picture obviously has 4 in it (I licked some stamps from the kid next to me and all the sudden I saw the oranges, man...). We only had two hours, but if I'd had more time, my next step would have been to unpeel one of the oranges and break it open in the centre and have the peel laying around behind it, stretched across the page (which is why there's the one lonely orange on the right... the broken one was supposed to go in the space there). Not my best work, but I got a certificate for it, so what the hey! 30.5k

August 1998, Graphic Design I. Colour pencils. My first drawing in Graphic Design class... this was my first semester folder. Since I had no earthly idea what to do (I sat there at the table for the whole week with my pencil in hand, drooling on myself), I finally just decided to go with a "theme" - the 70's. I'm not happy with the lettering, and the coloured pencils were easily "scratched" off and faded, so it turned out looking like shite after I'd fussed with it in class for two weeks. It was too big for the scanner, but that's fine cos that right edge was all dogeared and ripped from all the wear it got (which actually wasn't all that much...). The ugly grey blob in the middle is supposed to be a disco ball, but I was tired of working on it by the time I got to it, so I just left it as this grey mass of crap at the top. 55.7k

August 1998, Graphic Design I. Pencil. This small worksheet project called to do a caricature of a friend. Since I had no friends with any kind of outstanding, strange features I could poke fun at, I decided I'd do Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice). No one asked who it was... If they had I would have had a whole lot of explaining to do. Ignore the bad colours on these next few, I had the scanner too dark when I did them, and I can't be bothered to mess with them in PSP or rescan them... 22.7k

September 1998, Graphic Design I. Pencil. We were supposed to do our own interpretation of this sculpture titled "Aquatique" according to the handout in GD class, but I drew it like I saw it anyway. IIRC, the original sculpture was done by Jean Arp. If that's true, then Ms. Christian can give herself a huge pat on the back, cos she made me remember something from her class. ;) 34.1k

September 1998, Graphic Design I. Pencil. Here is good, solid proof that I draw best first thing in the morning and without a balanced breakfast! Yes, those hands are mine, too (but I only have two at last count). The ring on the finger is really my real class ring. Look impressed. O, and the 2nd hand is supposed to be in the shape of holding a mouse, and no, I'm not kidding! 15.6k

September 1998, Graphic Design I. Colour pencils. One of my unfinished works from graphic design class. We were going over symmetrical and asymmetrical, and this is my version of "asymmetrical". i think it would have looked great had i finished it. I'm proud of the way the coloured pencils turned out - they almost look like they were done with Prizmas instead. I turned it in as is and I made an A on it just for handing it in... Thank God. *g* 51.5k

October 1998, Graphic Design I. Pencil. This is quite possibly one of my favourite drawings I've ever done. It was meddled with for about a week or so until I finally turned it into a drawing, and the way I worked on it (the night before and the day it was due), I finished it in maybe 3 hours. It was a complete rush job. I used a normal wooden pencil verses a mechanical one, thinking it was going to look crap because the lines weren't going to be as sharp as normal. After I saw the results, I bought myself some more wooden pencils (none of them ever used, I might add;). This was done from another drawing. 60.3k

December 1998, Graphic Design I. Colour pencil. For this project not only did we have to do a "real" Christmas card, but one on the computer too. The inside of it says "Merry Christmas anyway" (scrawled in my lovely handwriting), hardly worth putting up here... It would be even better had the time & temp board turned out properly. That's what I get for being a procrastinator, I ended up spending about an hour on it... And knowing me it was probably overdue when I turned it in! 54.1k

December 1998, Graphic Design I. Pencil. This skull was done as a shading practice, and was copied from a photocopied worksheet that was handed out. I'm actually surprised at how this one turned out, the shading looks pretty cool, with the exception of the eye there! The scan made the paper look discoloured, altho there are some slight discolourations on it from when it fell off the wall and got stepped on in the hall. (I lost a few of my other projects cos some idiots stole the drawings when no one was around.) 31.6k

Late 1998, Graphic Design I. Pencil. Another shading project in graphic design class, whee! This is actually on the back of a worksheet... we had to put a piece of white paper under the front, turn it over, and shade the forms in using the guides on the front. Sound complicated? That's cos I can't explain it properly *g*. The stuff at the bottom was hard to do, it looked like gibberish when I was shading it in, but once I was done it looked just fine. Art is fickle... 38.6k



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