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December 1998. Prisma Pencils. Here's a slightly anthromorphed version of another Cats cat, Sillabub. It was going to be an actual illustration, but I couldn't do Munkustrap right (he was to her left, yelling at her, which explains that look on her face). T'was adapted from the video version. Oh, I feel so dirty admitting that. Cats, Sillabub Really Useful Group, Ltd. 43.6k

December 1998. Prisma Pencils. This is my last of the Cats-characters-as-real-cats drawings... I'm not quite sure why I never did more. Oh, this is Victoria, by the way. Out of these few cats, she's my favourite; her colouring against the various colours of the plants behind her and the wood pleases me. I actually had no idea how to do wood going into this, and thankfully, my (then-new) Prisma Pencils saved me! There were supposed to be holes in the bushes, but I didn't know how to go about doing them, so I coloured them in with leaves... you can still see the outlines of them in the finished product... Cats, Victoria Really Useful Group, Ltd. 71.3k

January 1999, Art III/IV. Pencil. Starting the 2nd quarter of Art III/IV, we had to create our own projects from scratch. Having no idea what to do, I took an idea from a picture of Geri Halliwell I'd seen on the net... she's in this big fluffy blanket, like in this picture. The sketch, unfortunately, was the best part of the whole project, and I'm still embarrassed to look at the finished product. I've lost it somewhere, and you won't see me cry about it anytime soon. :P It ended up much more cartoony than i wanted, and the head and legs didn't look in proportion, among other things. The best part was actually the blanket, which I made either a dark blue or a dark maroon. To say this was a bomb was an understatement. 57.7k

January 1999. Pencil. Yet another Geri Halliwell pic! Yes! Sue me. The first and last drawing of someone that actually looks like the person I was meaning to draw. The hair could use some work. Hair is so much fun to do, but it never comes out right... 43.1k

May 1999. Pencil. At my old high school, there was a literary annual published by the creative writing classes called the "Cat Scan" (it had nothing to do with actually scanning cats, unfortunately). No one had approached me about it in the past, but for some reason that year a girl who had a locker near me asked if I'd like to help illustrate some of the stories. The story I was originally given to illustrate had something to do with unicorns and potatoes (honestly!), so I created this sketch to run along the top of the story. The finished product was going to be in black and white, but as you can see... I didn't quite finish it. Ooops. The "field of poppies" (so elegantly scrawled in) wasn't finished because I couldn't find a decent picture of poppies online at that point... The annual was hardly published successfully anyway, since a tornado hit the school before I could even turn it in. So I was off the hook. Don't you love happy endings? 21.0k

March 1999. Charcoal pencil. After I was somehow allowed to be on the Scholastic team for drawing, I'd get bored and pretend I had still life to draw. I enjoyed testing out different types of pencils to see what results they produced. This one's in charcoal! Pots are so exciting! 29.8k

March 1999. Ebony pencil. Re: Above picture. Yet another pot. Pots *are* exciting, damn you. 18.4k

March 1999, Art III/IV. Black charcoal paper; white, grey and black Prisma Pencils. I don't recall if this was my 2nd or 3rd or what project for Art III/IV, but eventually I gave into my "urges" and decided I'd just do a series of "Cats". (Who didn't see that coming?) My art teacher even suggested it. The first thing I thought of when I decided to do this was this picture, of Tim Scott as Mistoffelees and Cynthia Onrubia as Victoria from the original Broadway cast. Unfortunately, the drawing is way too big to fit on the scanner, so the picture to the left is a crappy, washed out digicam picture. The details are from the original scan and do the parts justice, despite the fact the scanned stuff is from before the drawing was done. ;) Oh, did I mention that the paper was textured, and I accidently did this all on the WRONG side? Well, smart me did that. Despite that fact (which I found out after I initially sketched it and couldn't be arsed to turn it over and redo it), the colour looked fine. Well, wait, that's a lie... the colour DID mess up. Despite the fact that Mistoffelees is 75% black, I coloured his black parts black (you can see the black colouring on his wig here) because they didn't look right leaving the paper blank in those parts. Over time, the black Prisma has turned greyish... I can actually scrape the grey off, but it's annoyingly all over. And it returns. This picture was cursed. I'm getting all weepy, now. Cats, Victoria, Mr. Mistoffelees Really Useful Group, Ltd. 51.8k
Detail 1 (Mistoffelees' left leg, Victoria's lower body) | Detail 2 (Victoria's head & torso, unfinished floor) | Detail 3 (Mistoffelees' face & torso)

March 1999, Art III/IV. Pencil. The next project was of Etcetera, the kitten from the play that falls in love with the Rum Tum Tugger. The sketch wasn't bad, and the finished product (next page) was my first serious attempt at Prisma Pencil colour. She has no teeth or tongue in this drawing. She must be tube fed! Cats, Etcetera Really Useful Group, Ltd. 67.3k

March 1999, Art III/IV. Prisma Pencil. This was my first big project using coloured prismas... Well, what do you know, another cat! (Yup, it's Etcetera.) I originally just had a few scans of this up here, but then I went and took a few digicam pics... and unfortunately, the digicam pix didn't do it justice. However, the digicam pix DID show the entire drawing, so for the full (dull:P) thing click on that link, and the detail links will take you to originally scanned stuff, tho unfinished. My coloured pencils were obsolete after I did this one. *g* After putting it up, I noticed how out of proportion her torso/thighs are... oh well. Cats, Etcetera Really Useful Group, Ltd. 75.3k
Detail 1 (from the chest & up) | Detail 2 (bottom right leg, floor, tail) | Detail 3 (closeup of the background, scan mucked up the colours)



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