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October 1998, Art III/IV. Chalk pastels, Prisma Pencils. We had a unit on drawing faces, being in the highest art class in the school. I had a unit on faces when I was in 1st grade, and surprisingly, I remembered a lot of it in the face lessons. Unfortunately, I didn't apply it properly. This woman was cut out of a magazine I found under the art sink, and then her face cut in half so I could draw the missing half. The week we did this, my brain did not want to draw at all, so she turned out as almost a total failure. The first indication that she would not be going as planned was when I glued her magazine-half to the paper and wiped away the excess glue... because as you can see here, where the glue was put, colour did not go. From there it was downhill, baby. Her face was done with pastel, the rest done with Prismas. Maybe you shouldn't click on the thumbnail, the detail there is really the only good part of the drawing. And maybe her eyebrow. 27.1k

October 1998, Art III/IV. Pencil. Face #2 - the More Successful Attempt. If you could tell off the bat it was James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins, bravo to you. The picture is from the Aeroplane Flies High booklet, between takes of the "Tonight, Tonight" video. Originally his nose was drawn too short, and I never quite recovered from that. You can still see the original cutoff line. Mr. Iha is Japanese; most people asked said his nationality looked "Native American". *hangs head in shame* Original photograph of James Iha Yelena Yemchuk. 46.5k

October 1998, Art III/IV. Brown printing ink, q-tip, chalk pencils. Here's a little goody from our "print" unit. Before we started etching (see below), we took our plexiglass plates and just smeared ink on them, and then whited out a design using various instruments (q-tips, fingers, toothpicks, and anything else cheap that my art teacher could bring - did I ever mention the funding that was cut from the art department?). Braindead me just did a tree and a field... The original parts I'd rubbed the q-tip in were bigger, but the ink liked to "cave in" on itself so to speak. After a lot of wiping, stick the goo-covered plate on paper, press on it, and peel off - voila! Neato looking print. Later the hint of colour was added. 111.0k

October 1998, Art III/IV. Black printing ink. The meat 'n' potatoes of our printing unit! This little doozie took a LOT of time and a LOT of armpower. We had these little pointy screwdriver looking sharp objects (oooh, sharp objects! The ONLY reason to take art class!) that were used to etch a design into the plate. After drawing a sketch roughly the size of the plexiglass plate, we'd tape it to the underside and then etch the pencil marks on the top. I assure you, it's a tedious process, especially when you have detail. ALL the black parts were etched, which means all the wood detail was scraped out. The plate was also slippery, so you had to be careful not to cut yourself or poke your eye out with the scaping tool. 119.0k

October 1998, Art III/IV. Black printing ink, chalk pencils. The same print as above, with a little colour added. I don't know whether the colour or black 'n' white is better, but the colour tends to bring out details. Both of these, plus another version of my print (which was cut up and then re placed on the page to make a different look), were entered in some contests, but never won a damned thing. 123.0k

1998. Prisma pencils. Trevor Ashman: Crazy Geri Halliwell fan. Those of us on (you can see our funky selves here) hypothesized on "what would happen if Geri and Trevor ever met up?" and this was the final product. How Trevor ended up looking like Dale Gribble from King of the Hill, I don't know, but it's about right. King of the Hill, Dale Gibble 20th Century Fox. 71.2k

November - December 1998, Art III/IV. Acrylic paints. Believe it or not, this is a self-portrait, made from a bedsheet and a ceiling tile out of the art room. It's me as Jellylorum (tour version, you can see her in this pose in the Tour IV bookies). The painting itself is huge... 2' x 3' I believe. We chose a ceiling tile, took it down (actually, I had to have someone get it for me because even standing on our tables, I was too short), stretched a bedsheet over it to ready it for painting, and then stapled it. After painting, the tiles were reinserted into the ceiling. My teacher's original vision was for future generations could see the self-portraits of previous Art III/IV students, but then a tornado hit our school in May of '99, and most of them were lost. Luckily, mine was out and stretched on some boards for an upcoming art show... Mine was one of 3 that did not get destroyed. She let me keep it. I'm forever in her debt. :) Forgive the digicam photo, it made the dark parts a lot darker than they look... Cats, Jellylorum Really Useful Group, Ltd. 36.0k
Detail 1 (head, torso) | Detail 2 (waist, thighs) | Detail 3 (calves, feet)

December 1998. Prisma Pencils. A takeoff of the "Cats" cat eyes. Just a pathetic excuse to use my brand new Prismas, methinks. That or I was going to create new cats eyes since the Really Useful Group (the company that owns most of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals) had a shitfit over people using the dancing "Cats" eyes - so I was going to make my own. For awhile, you could download these eyes for use on a Cats page as an alternate graphic... I've decided it's a free domain graphic. There were details on, but Obsidia seems to have taken it down. 18.3k

December 1998. Coloured Pencils. Another graphic for the Cats community. A girl named Tumblebrutus asked me to illustrate her stories for her, so I drew a preliminary picture for her of Skimbleshanks. She liked it, except she told me to "lose the hat, it makes me uncomfortable". Picky, picky. Cats, Skimbleshanks Really Useful Group, Ltd. 63.0k

December 1998. Coloured Pencils. Another prelimiary graphic for Tumble, this is a drawing of Tumblebrutus (video version) I did for her. He looks less "gay" than Skimble. :P Cats, Tumblebrutus Really Useful Group, Ltd. 45.3k



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