Be patient. The pictures will load within an hour. Click on them to get bigger pictures. Don't forget to add reserved mushrooms, bamboo shoots, nuts, dates, onions, hoisin sauce, Soya sauce, rice wine or sherry & sesame oil.

March/April 1998, Art II. Oil pastels. After a unit on post-impressionism, we had to choose a picture from that period, from any artist, and re-create it. I adore Van Gogh, but didn't want to do "Starry Night" (too obvious), so I picked "The Night Cafe", one of his lesser-known works. This thing only reminded me WHY I hate oil pastels so much, but it was also a great opportunity to learn how to use them a little bit better. The drawing was too big to scan, so this is the happy-fun-digicam-version. The shiney bits are reflection from the protective cover (tho I don't remember having it matted...) Not-so-fun-fact: I did the majority of this while listening to "Aenima" by Tool. Original artwork by Vincent Van Gogh. 85.5k
Detail 1 (the couple at the back table) | Detail 2 (the bottles at the back) | Detail 3 (slouching men in the front right)

April 1998, Art II. Acrylic paints. My first dabble with acrylic paints... This technique is wet on wet. It looks like shit. I think I originally did another painting for my wet on wet (boy, that sounds dirty), but something happened to it or I didn't like it, so I whipped up this one. It looks like it took about 10 minutes, and it probably did, if that. Also note that since our art department is way underfunded, that we were using pieces of posterboard to paint on, instead of paper or actual canvas. 72.5k

April 1998, Art II. Acrylic paints. The second project in our realm of acrylic paints - Unfortunately at the moment I cannot remember the technique name. In it, you make the colours as LIGHT as possible, ie. lots and lots and lots of white. When in doubt, do flowers, right? So I did a very crappy looking tulip. My teacher made a display of all our little projects, and when she put mine in this display, I was embarrassed - it was much much darker than the others. She told me that, too. When I was painting it it looked way too light. So it's all gimped up, but I'm making you look at it now, anyway. Remember: lots of white. 16.9k

April 1998, Art II. Acrylic paints. The 3rd of our acrylics projects, this one requried thickness as an end result. I forgot the name of this technique, too. (But "impasto" comes to mind...) This one was thoroughly enjoyable; I put gobs of paint on it and took a knife to make blunt "edges" of paint on the flower pot. You can't see the texture, but you can feel the entire thing in person. Doing it made me feel like Van Gogh. ;) 48.4k

April 1998, Art II. Scratchboard paper. Even tho this was another acrylic paint project, we didn't have the right materials to do this one properly. It required scratching away bits of paint to create an image, and with the posterboard, no matter how thin you made the paint, didn't cut it. (It also sucked using the posterboard with our last small project, which required taping down parts of the canvas to get a clean cut line... the tape ended up ripping off the top layer of our posterboard, so it was excessively hard to do.) So, instead, we used scratchboard paper, which utilises the same concept - it has a thin layer of black on top, and when you scratch the black off, there's colour underneath. Afterward, the scratchboard had to be laminated in order to preserve our drawings... also, when you touch it, oil from your fingers seeps into the black and it becomes noticable. That's way more than you ever needed to know about scratchboards, but in case your friends ask, now you know. 73.6k

May 1998, Art II. Acrylic paints. My first big acrylic painting! It's from the back of the "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" cd (by the Smashing Pumpkins). I've always admired how beautiful the colours from it looked, so I tried my hand at it. The canvas was large, this is actually a digicam pic. It does the colours some kind of justice, but they're still much more vivid than that in person. Currently, it's hanging up in my living room. MCIS back cover © Smashing Pumpkins? 151k

Summer 1998. Coloured pencils. I was doing a package for a friend of mine from, and he loved the Spices so much, that I decided to draw the Spice Faeries (the Viva Forever video had just come out) on the padded envelope. With my procrastination, tho, I never actually finished the package, and I don't know what happened to the envelope. :( All in all, that was ok tho, because by then he wasn't happy with Geri. You'll notice there's no Scary Spice Fae, because I never got around to her. Spice Girls faeries, Emma faerie © Spice Girls? 52.2k

Summer 1998. Coloured pencils. The Geri Fae! I'm really proud of how the colours turned out on the yellow package, btw. It almost looks like I used Prismas, but they were regular ol' Crayola coloured pencils... Pressed down as hard as I could on a bubble filled envelope. Spice Girls faeries, Geri faerie © Spice Girls? 42.4k

Summer 1998. Coloured pencils. The Sporty Spice Fae. I wasn't too happy with her leg, it was at a weird angle, so it looks all gimped up... I do, however, like her eyeshadow. Spice Girls faeries, Melanie C. faerie © Spice Girls? 46.6k

Summer 1998. Coloured pencils. The Posh Fae didn't turn out that well. I ripped the package on her dress, and her lips just didn't wanna work with me. Her wings also look like cack... Not to mention her stance, which makes her look like she's been around the block a few times (She doesn't come for free? You're kidding!). Oh well. Spice Girls faeries, Victoria faerie © Spice Girls? 32.1k



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