Be patient. The pictures will load within an hour. Click on them to get bigger pictures. Don't forget to add 1 whole carp, about 3/4 lb, with head and tail (substitute trout or other firm-flesh fresh water fish).

1991-1992? Pencil. These first few pages have sucky drawings, bear with me... Hey, I have NO shame putting up older, more cack stuff. :P Might as well show my roots while I'm at it. I used to get really bored in church, so I'd take the communion card pencils and draw. They had no erasers. There was always an ample supply of paper to keep me quiet, too. I still draw in church. Oh, and this was the altar of one of my churches. Whee. 78.4k

1992-1993? Coloured pencils. When I was little (when Nintendo first came out), among the first few games I got was "The Legend of Zelda". I thought the anime-ish drawings of Link were adorable, so I tried my hand at them. The various expressions are all shown below, for your viewing pleasure. (Or you can skip them, what do I care?) Oh, and this one is... *dun dun dun* ANGRY Link! Link and Legend of Zelda Nintendo, Ltd. 49.7k

1992-1993? Coloured pencils. The second link. (But not the missing one! HA HA HA... errr...) In case anyone was wondering (no), all these Links were done on the same sheet of darkly lined paper. You gotta love the terribly done attempt at moody text, too. Ooooh, shakey. Link and Legend of Zelda Nintendo, Ltd. 34.7k
1992-1993? Coloured pencils. Link #3. I think he's my favourite. He looks like he just crapped himself rather than being in awe. I won't go into anymore trailing thoughts on *this* one. ;) Link and Legend of Zelda Nintendo, Ltd. 22.6k

1992-1993? Coloured pencils. This is "Very Tired Link", in case you can't read. He reminds me of me at work, like he's ready to get rid of the slave labour job. Can you tell I'm reaching with all the Link comments here? I mean, how much can you say about Link, let alone drawings that are, at the very least, 10 years old? I beg of you, tell me if you have the answers. I need to be enlightened. Link and Legend of Zelda Nintendo, Ltd. 33.1k

1992-1993? Coloured pencils. Determined Link... he looks like he lost his arm in 'Nam. Now all he has is a flipper. However, he keeps on going... ;) Link and Legend of Zelda Nintendo, Ltd. 39.2k

1992-1993? Coloured pencils. And now, for a change... Link and a FAERIE. Here she is talking to Link... I'm not sure if she's giving him advice or scolding him or what, but... I don't think I want to know. The triforce is also here. Hah, I put an "a" in it. I was a kid, spare me. Link and Legend of Zelda Nintendo, Ltd. 46.3k

1992-1993? Coloured pencils. I fondly call her "My first faerie ever" because, well, she was. I've drawn quite a few since then, but there was a large gap from this picture (which I actually think I did when i was 7 or 8, which makes the estimated date here a tad off... but 1987 would make more sense with the way my writing looks) and subsequent pictures of faeries. She's looking at my scribbly little pathetic excuse for a signature, there. Legend of Zelda Nintendo, Ltd. 17.8k

Unknown. Coloured pencils. Another Zelda-inspired drawing, this one a takeoff of a maze of pipes. I don't remember which game it was in, however. I don't think the pipes were rainbow, either. I've always loved rainbow coloured things as long as I can remember, I used it as a colour theme for many things. People probably thought I was a lesbian by the time I hit high school. Meheheheh. >:D 66.3k

1993? Coloured pencils. I went thru a bumper sticker making phase (none of which were ever used) when i was 11 or 12... Around the time Ren and Stimpy came out. One year for Christmas my dad brought in some wood for the fireplace and I claimed one of them as my "Log". From that log was borne this bumper sticker, complete with bad perspective. I "laminated" it with thick boxing tape. Yes, how resourceful. Log, Ren and Stimpy Nickelodeon. 39.2k



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