I suppose this is where I'm supposed to show off the eliteness of my site by putting up all the cool awards I've won, and that kind of thing. Is it just me, or is this pointless? Oh yeah, so's the rest of the site. So I might as well put this up somewhere. On top of it, why not lump webrings in there with it? Those are pretty useless too.

Maybe someday I'll create my own vapid and futile award for you to win, too. But the cool thing will be, you won't have to win it, you can just nick the image and pretend you're someone special. Maybe I'll make the graphic really lame, too, so most people will be too embarrassed to steal it. Hmm.

I was voted queen of wheel 2 on the Guestbook of We Love Laurence.

I am only 27% a slut. See?

A few years ago, I participated in an Easter egg hunt on my friend Alexandra's website. I found one of the eggs before anyone else, so I got this spiff graphic for it:

Once upon a time my friend Philip had this friend named P-Gary who made this cool award thing. Anyone was allowed to take it, and so I did. So without doing anything at all, I won the Really Big Head award.

Funny enough, I actually do have a big head. It won't fit in any standard size wigs.

Again, Alexandra came through and granted me a coveted award. This one is for me and me alone, and deals with, what else... bodily fluids.

I want to thank my nasal cavities for bestowing me with the ability to squirt liquid snot at a high pressure. I sure didn't get passed up in the line when God was handing out cool hidden talents.

Yeah. That's about it.

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If you'd like to give me a silly award (or, alternately, send me a death threat - if it has a cool enough graphic maybe I'll put it up), e-mail me.

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