You may be wondering why these pages seem horribly egotistical, narcissistic and self-centered. The truth is, the whole website is, but this is where most of the ego lies - in the original hub of my extremely shitty website.

The hub of "General" is where the origins of began. I started with these pages up on a personal page on Netcom, my ISP at the time (remember when they used those things called "modems"?), and later moved them to, before it was bought out by and later trashed.

I'd like to say that all this has changed, but really, it hasn't much. Besides the extreme tweaking of info over time (really, it's not 1997 anymore, and I'm not 17 anymore), and a bit more mature coding, the colours are still there and the general feeling is still there. Why have I retained a completely crappy look of a badly stuck together personal page? Because that's what it IS, damnit. There's a certain charm in the websites that have totally unmatching pages and totally un-thought out graphic combinations. Except when they have clashing colours, or the day glo green gives you retinal burn, or you have to highlight the text to actually read it... and when the pictures don't work. Then I start foaming at the mouth. But this is NO time to talk about my turn ons.

So this hub has totally original crap. Isn't that exciting.

I don't even remember why I started talking about this. Hmm. Time for my meds.

The Meat:

All About Mayo - A Hugh Jass rant about what makes me tick, and if you're lucky, some of the things that make me tock.

Ma Page des Amis - Yes, I have friends! Come see the people who are attracted to a sorry weirdo such as myself!

Stacy's Page-O-Links - Better pages you can be surfing, at half the cost. Get out while you can, while most of the links (hopefully) still work.

The Condiments:

Thank Yous - Thank you India, Thank you Providence, thank you Alanis for letting me rip off your lame song for this page.

Obligatory Webrings and Awards Page - Not like there's any to show off, but screw that! Come to mama!

Ye Olde Guestbook - The Guestbooke. Ye can sign it. Please humour me, or God will kill me.

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