1. What kind of fries do you want?

To help you assist in judging how much you should contribute, here are the types of fries I can get in my area (arranged from most desired to least desired) and their respective prices:

Restaurant Size/Type Price
Arby's Large Curly fries $1.59
Burger King King $1.59
Long John Silvers Large to be determined
Sonic Large to be determined
Wendy's Large to be determined
Braum's Large to be determined
Mcdonald's Large $1.69
KFC Large to be determined

If there's a certain kind of fry you'd like me to have, please include it in the notes section of the Paypal donation page.

2. How much should I pay?

You can pay however much you like. The suggested prices above are great to donate if you want to outfit with me with a sack of greasy fries of my very own. However, more or less is welcome. Hell, ANYTHING is welcome. In fact, I'll even resort to begging, because I have absolutely no self-esteem, and if you can't buy self-esteem with money, then french fries are the next best thing.

3. Does Paypal take a cut?

Unfortunately, yes, Paypal does take a substantial chunk of money when someone donates. Why? I wish I could tell you. If they want their own french fries, they should set up their own damned fund. Anyhow, this is how Paypal's money rape works: They take 2.9% of your total payment, and then take an additional 30 cents. Seriously, I'm not very good at maths, but this is how it works... Say you donate $1.00.

1.00 * .029 = .029 (any number times 1 is that number)
1.00 - .029 = .971 (this is the amount after the interest cut)
.971 - .30 = .67 (this is your total after the 30 cents is taken out)

So, out of your $1.00 donation, I receive a total of 67 cents. Less if you're in a foreign country.

Note that because of this, the fund may be behind on money a bit. The donation counter on the main FFF page shows the gross total.

4. How can I be sure you're buying french fries with this money, hmm?

Bottom line is, you really can't be, if you're that big into conspiracy theories. But I'm giving you my good word. Could a woman named after a condiment really be out to steal your money? Think about this really hard.

I give you my oath, my pledge, on my own dead grandmother, that I will definitely use the FFF money to buy nothing but fries. As further proof, whenever I actually have the money to purchase fries, I will take pictures of me eating them and stick them up somewhere along with a "shout out" (as you kids these days call it). If nothing else, it's proof that I eat a crapload of starchy potatoes and I will surely die at a young age.

If you don't want to donate, that makes me a sad panda. :(

5. Who's donated?

These are the people who have donated, by order of donation:

Jennifer K.
Donnie T.
Alexandra M. (c/o Cat)
Danielle J.

Many, many thanks to all of you! :D

Have a question not covered here? E-mail me.

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