See the symbol behind all this typing? That's known as a "copyright" sign. Say hello to it, greet it, shake its hand. You can even hug it if you want. However, now that you've met circle c, that means you must play by his rules.

Don't worry, those rules aren't hard at all. In simple terms, it means the following:

  • Everything on, from the words to the graphics to the html code, are copyright 1997-2004 to mayonessa, the author of this page. Except where noted, because yeah, some of the things aren't mine, but I try to make that painfully clear by thanking the people I took from and/or just noting it, where applicable.
  • All the things that are copyrighted (in case you don't know what those are, see the above point) mayonessa are MINE. MINE MINE MINE! I'm a jealous bitch, and they're mine, and I don't want you to have them. Is that painfully clear? My stuff (art, pictures, graphics) isn't the best crap in the history of web design, but I have worked incredibly hard to do all these things, and I ask that you not nick them for yourself.
  • On the same token, if I find out you're linking to an image of mine to your own website, I will hunt you down and hurl bricks through your living room window while you're asleep.
  • I don't mind people looking through my code to see how I did something. I've often peeked at code to see if I could figure out something I wasn't sure of. BUT... I will NOT tolerate blatant copying + pasting large chunks of code from my site. Peek like the peeping toms that you are, but don't take like Bender.
  • If you're truly interested in using anything on for your website (note: if you're just saving stuff for personal use, go for it), please e-mail me. I won't bite your head off. In fact, I'd be flattered to bits. (Not literally.)

    Does all that make sense? Good. Thank you, and please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, so a semi doesn't come flying by and take off said limbs at 120mph.