Ever since I was an itty bitty kid, I was writing down my thoughts... Whether it was some sick Garfield cartoon that I dreampt up in my head, a story about one of the My Little Ponies being killed to make Pony Glue, or, well, poetry.

Unlike my, uh, "other" writings, the poetry was a way for me to vent emotions that I didn't know how to reveal to people. I never really showed any of my poetry to anyone, except for a boyfriend of mine I had when I was 15 (I ended up writing for him a lot) and a poetry unit I had to write for in 9th grade English class.

Although it's obvious, I'm gonna point out that in the beginning, I sucked (moreso than later poems, anyway;). The newer poetry is a lot more defined than the stuff I wrote before, that damn 9th grade poetry unit really taught me stuff. (For instance, poems don't have to rhyme... who woulda thought?! Hey, I don't have much common sense, ok?:)

Shawn was the last poem I wrote for a long, long time. I didn't have the words in me to write anymore, really. (Begin boring rant) The Smashing Pumpkins, my favourite band in the universe, could do it better. Billy Corgan captured my feelings in music and lyrics much better than I ever could, and I learned a lot about myself thru his music than I would have ever learned on my own, thru my own writings and thoughts. Two and a half years later (Basically last night;) I started writing again, just out of the blue. Song of Songs was born. (Guess what it's about?)

I admit that I'm not some wonderful poet whose words flow gracefully, or even flow at all! I write because I can and because I have the desire. It doesn't mean my poems are good, or that they're even mediocre. In fact, I know some of these poems downright suck, and I'm not afraid to admit it! :) So why am I bothering to put them up? Hell if I know.

Some of the poems have little rant pages that I linked at the bottom of them. I did that just to answer questions people had asked me before, or just to explain a little. Then I realised that's not what poetry's about - it's about taking what you want from it, not people telling you what to think about it! Besides, I got bored after writing the first few rants. If anyone wants to hear more, email me with a rant you'd like up and Ill do it.

Ok, I know you have better things to do than read this stupid explanation (bravo to those of you who skimmed thru the whole thing!), so I'll end this right here.

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