I began writing in the 5th grade, just out of the blue, for no reason other than the fact that I could. As I got older, I learned more - about words, meanings, emotions, and the ways I could make my poetry more interesting (hahahah... you can stop laughing now. Really). Certain events happened in my life to trigger a slew of poetry, or to stop it. Hopefully this timeline sheds a little bit of light on my frame of mind, and maybe it will give a bit of insight on what my life was like then. I also think (well, *like* to think) it shows some kind of maturing...

Keep in mind not all of these poems are written from personal experience. Most are, but some aren't - they just came to me cos they sounded good. Or, now that I look at them again... the "concept" sounded good!

Anyway, I'll shut up now.

In the beginning...

1992 - age 11:

    Keeping Secrets - March 12th
    What is a Friend? - Unknown

Sometime between mid 1992-mid 1994 - age 11 to 13:

    Yesterday - Unknown
    Best Friends - Unknown

1994 - age 13

    Alone - June 28th
    Without You - June 28th
    My Kitty Cat - Unknown
    Six Feet Under - Unknown
    The Hall - October 26th
    The Bee - November 2nd

1995 - age 14, 15:

    Life Sucks - July 6th
    Her Dad - Unknown
    Farting - Unknown
    A Part of Me - Unknown
    Tribue to Talk Soup - July 17th (?)
    Dying - August 8th
    You - Unknown
    Inspiration - November 30th
    Complicated - November 30th to ??
    Bored - December 7th

1996 - age 15, 16:

    Missing - January 28th
    Valentine's Day Ode - February 5 to 12
    Lonely, version 1 - March 7th
    Lonely, version 2 - March 8th
    The Party - March 12th
    Ode to the Simpsons - March 14th
    My Best Friend - March 26th
    Return - March 27th
    Enveloped by Emotions - March 31st
    Our Love - April 1st (?)
    My Lost Childhood - April 18th
    No Words - May 19th
    Unsubstantiated - June 5th
    This Sucks - Unknown
    Speed - July 20th
    Paperwait - July 21st
    Evil's Defeat - July 24th
    Integrity - July 30th
    Vieille Generic ne Finit - Original: Unknown; Revised: July 31st
    What's Left - August 3rd
    Letdown - September 25th
    Fall - September 25th
    Dream - September 26th
    Shawn - October 11th

1999 - age 18, 19:

    Song of Songs - February 21st
    Deliberately Detached - February 21st
    Afterthought - February 27th
    Innocence Lost - April 8th
    When Will My Soul Vindicate Its Death? - May 1st
    Storm - May 4th
    Looking In - May 20th
    Why - May 20th
    Implosion - June 3rd
    Persistance - August 18th
    Blessed Are They... - September 23rd
    Second Thoughts - October 15th
    Subconsious - December 4th
    Drunk - December 20th
    Falling - December 20th

2000 - age 19, 20:

    Dave - April 9th
    Alexandra - November 25th

2003 - age 22:

    Bad Poetry - October 8th

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